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'4 ways of life goals' - personal story essay

storygirl18 1 / -  
May 11, 2012   #1
hello wanted to know if my essay would be alright, i needed 5 paragraphs, and it had to be a personal story, also on what i believe.

My Life Goals

Ever wanted to make a bucket list, a life goal, or just a goal that you want to accomplish for the next day? Well here's our chance to start weather your 10 or 70 it doesn't matter on what age you are. Everyday, minute, hour, and second of this life goes by there is someone out there that started there dream job, passed high school, or got married; these are the many few of the goals people make in there lifetime. Course the question is do people actually follow there goals in life?

Everyone seems to ask themselves what do they really want from their life? What are we all really striving for? While people should ask themselves what can they do to help others? When a person helps other they meet their physical and emotion need. Helping others also brings compassion and compassion equals a better society.

From a person coming from a rich family they have more opportunities open to them to achieve what they want. While a person from a poor family doesn't have the "easy life" compared to the person from the rich family. A person coming from a poor family has to go through more obstacles, and struggles to achieve what they want.

I recently did a homework assignment in my English class about quotations, my quote was, "Big dreams lead to big things." I wrote about my love in culinary and how I am going to college and then opening my own restaurant. When I was little I loved food and the different recipes you can make; My family are all in the medical field and they wanted me and my sister to follow them but we both said "NO!", why should we do something that we don't like to do.

I chose this topic because in families sometimes parents want there child to follow in there footsteps, but knowing kids these days they want to do what they see themselves doing 10 years from now. To me kids should do what they love to do i.e. sport (Olympics), teaching, cooking, etc... They are there own person and no one should tell them differently. Statistics show that nonzero social and political involvement, promote life satisfactions. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. There are 4 ways of life goals.. - starting to set personal goals, - staying on course, - smart goals, - achieving goals.

Every person in this world has some motivation and self- confidence in them, so why not put that in good use and fulfill your goals that your always wanted to get to. So do people these days actually accomplish there life goals? I believe they should so that way they can accomplish there hopes and dreams and be happy.
An312406 1 / 2  
May 12, 2012   #2
I think this is good i might say weather your young or old instead of 10 or 70 would sound a bit more professional and maybe elaborate more on your questions give us the answers to this questions but so far i feel you are on the right track.

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