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How Well Do You Think Standardized Tests Measure Student's Abilities?

Kim Truong 3 / 4 1  
May 31, 2018   #1

Method of Verification and Evaluation knowledge level

Education has two main functions: educating young people and equipping them with valuable skills for adulthood. But nowadays, more and more people are in a quandary whether or not standardize scores as an optimum measurement of knowledge. These are two major reasons that illustrate scoring is not an effective way to measure student performance.

To begin with, scores do not present equality among students. For example, those who have a difficulty with a stress environment might struggle when they have a test and the result in skipping multiple questions that they might easily choose the correct answers. Consequently, they get a C instead of deserving an A on the exam. On the other hand, their friends who only draw the answer spontaneously with 25% correct answer probability receive an A because of luck rather than their own ability. Therefore, measurement one's performance by scores is an inaccurate method.

Secondly, overly concern about grades also generates negative effects on both young people and their educator. Some students desiring to achieve high scores without focusing during class and studying hard tend to use bad alternative ways such as cheating or copying their next neighbors. Not only affect the student, chasing to grades also harms teacher true mission. A travesty of education is that several instructors measure their student's ability not by the knowledge they master but the amount of money in their parent's pocket. The more bribes they receive, the more scores are increased.

While we weigh the drawbacks of scoring in the educational atmosphere, it is safe to say that this method is not the beneficial way to present one's knowledge. Not only reflect the inequality, grades also create many grievous problems for both the trainer and the trainee. In my individual opinion, schools can evaluate student's ability by different projects or assignments.

liliaxa 1 / 2  
May 31, 2018   #2
Education has two ... for adulthood. Every year, students spend weeks studying for standardized tests, like the AIR test, the ACT, and the SAT. But nowadays, more and more ...

To begin with, ... students. For example, those ... might struggle to answer multiple questions that they might ... Consequently, ... A on the exam. On the other hand,while their friends who ...

Secondly, ... effects on both young people students and their educator teachers. Some students children desiring to ...

While we weigh ... atmosphere, with these drawbacks of scoring in the educational atmosphere, it is safe to say ...
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,848 2137  
Jun 1, 2018   #3
Kim, is this essay for a practice lesson in English or is it for an IELTS test? You should have provided the complete prompt for the discussion so that a proper review of your work could be completed. As of now, only a partial review can be made due to lack of review guiding factors. For starters, the word "But" is a connecting word. Therefore, in an academic essay, it is not used to start a proper sentence. Rather, it should be used to connect 2 related ideas in one sentence. So when you use the word "but", do not use a period. That is more properly used with a well placed comma in a sentence to show a continuity of though. Avoid constantly using the word though as it could get out hand and turn a long sentence into a run-on sentence, creating points deductions in the GRA section in the process. The personal opinion should not be included as a one sentence presentation at the end either. Always present that, whether it be in an academic essay or a common written presentation, as a stand alone paragraph that is more properly developed using reasoning and examples to help depict your support for a particular statement.

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