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Whats My idea for an independent film?

keb123 1 / 2  
Jul 22, 2017   #1

great type of film

My personal idea for an independent Film to me is being able to create a movie in a unique way however, it should be outside of a studio system. When the film is being financed by an individual or a group of individuals there is usually no distribution deal. A film that isn't financially backed by a large production company, like Warner Bros, and Paramount is most likely an independent film. By making an independent film you should be able to bring amazing endless amount of ideas to life in the film without hesitation and worries of rule controlled by the studio. I believe an independent film is perfect for the first-time or small name directors and writers in the cinematic industry for several reasons. The first reason is you control every single detail that will appear in the films story. The creator can start creating with low budgets because it doesn't necessary have to mean low-quality movie as long the film has a good direction. The possibilities are endless because everything starts with an idea. Not all the Indi films have low budgets some can have more finances. It really all depends on the individual person themselves. An independent film literally means independence from anyone trying to tell you how to do something a certain way. Indi films are distinguishable for the content and style which are more original or cutting edge.

In my opinion, there should always be theses four important quality's in a filmmaker in order to produce an amazing independent film and that is having persistence, passion, ability to tell great story's and God. Having passion for your story and the persistence to endure the challenges that will be faced will help bring the vision to life for everyone to see and understand. Persistence is good to have because life can be hard and Things may not always go the way we intended for them to turn out. Reasons such as financial problems, equipment malfunctions or simply with people. When facing rejection, the film maker should never give up and keep on moving forward which brings the second important key quality that is needed for making an independent film. Passion is a must have when making anything in life because without passion what's the purpose of the film. No passion for the story you are telling will just hurt the film and give people more excuses to claim on why independent movies are boring. The audience won't have a connection with the art made. Having the ability to tell a good story makes the film more interesting and intriguing. The film should be able to help viewers of any age from children and teens to adults forget about their problems, and makes them feel something. Leaving them thinking about the movie at the end. I think it's important for the film to help people relate to their own life unlike most movies done in Hollywood that are fake and people can't really say they relate. This type of film usually inspires other individuals all depending what the message of the story is about. God is important to have in every film makers lives because he is the only one that can truly guide, give wisdom, power and creativity which makes a person unique. Without him people making the film can fall to the pressure of the world.

When I think of an independent film I always described it as family friendly thing free of inappropriate language and violence that children should not see and learn. In today's world many kids are more exposed to the internet where they can see many things like movies that are not okay for them to watch because they could think the content they are watching in a horror movie for example is completely normal to copy and do to other in the real world. Not all kids know what is wrong and what is right simply because they are very young, but with independent films out there I see these types of films changing the world for the better by having a better influence on the younger generation. I see independent films as a platform itself where filmmaker makes a movie that will bring up our spirts, inspire, fall in love, and bring happiness. Every time the world hears about a independent film we should already expect positive outcome before you watch. I know and believe that this type of film will make younger kids better people because the film will leave them thinking and wondering on what they just witnessed. We could see more great people come from this platform creating more positive messages not just in the film industry but in many other ways for a brighter tomorrow.

Normally what I see in independent films are film makers sharing their personal experience that can be a variety of things from horrific experience to wonderful adventure that happened. I do believe it is also meant to spread awareness to everyone out there by educating us of events that can happen in the reality. Everyone should always learn at least one thing every day and with these great types of films that is something that can definitely happen.

Many people have their own different opinions for an independent film because the world is full of human being with different taste. Some love and enjoy watching independent film appreciating the hard work that was shared. There are also those who just dislike these kinds of films because they prefer something more in the fiction side but when you ask me what my ideas are for an independent film, I will always respond the same way. It must have a good story created a unique way that will leave the audience with a positive message.

A film made with good intentions passion, love and the backing of god is a blockbuster movie in my books automatically. This is my idea for an independent film.

( must be 1,000 words)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,594 3760  
Jul 23, 2017   #2
Kebing, I am confused here. The title of your essay indicates that the reader is supposed to expect a story outline / discussion of an independent film idea that you wish to make. It does not tell the reader that you are going to give the meaning of an independent film on a personal basis. Kindly consider changing the title of your essay from the current one to something more appropriate such as "What an independent film means to me" or something more similar to what you have written. Remember, when your title is inappropriate for your essay, you will receive a lower score because you are thought to have misled the reader.

In order to expand this essay, you can separate the reasons why you believe an indie film is the best film making method for a first time director. After all, you said that you believed there are several reasons. However, you only discuss one reason. You can discuss 2 reasons in 2 separate paragraphs in this instance in order to fully develop the discussion and achieve the word count. You should also expand upon the concluding statement that you wrote because it doesn't really sum up the discussion in the best manner. Do your best to develop a more interesting concluding statement for your essay. These two suggestions, if developed properly on your end will result in the word count being met.
Ashkan123 12 / 33 2  
Jul 23, 2017   #3

Good job. Keep it up. I think you have couple typo mistake

make sure you use "," when you connect two sentences.By making an independent film ,you should be able ...

As Holt mentioned it before it is better to use better title

good luck
OP keb123 1 / 2  
Jul 23, 2017   #4
When you say story outline do you mean I should tell a story that I want to make into a film?
OP keb123 1 / 2  
Jul 23, 2017   #5
When you say story outline do you mean I should tell a story that I want to make into a film?

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