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the world from Newton's eyes - Sat essay

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Dec 31, 2012   #1
Do you believe that fantasy and imagination is more important than information and knowledge?

The same way black is black and white is white, the same way the sun is a sun and the cloud is a cloud, the same way the moon is a moon and the light is a light, the same exact way a human's mind is a human's mind, and a human's heart is a human's heart, yet the thing that splashed the white into the black and made the grey blast, the thing that made from the puffy clouds a fairytale starring our past, the thing that dispatches the rocket into the outer space and keeps the human steadfast, the thing that whispers in the heads and provokes them to recast, the thing that makes from a stick and a rock, a play that transfers into our days and can surpass; it's the ability to see from the mind's eye; the ability to imagine and give those fancy thoughts the aptitude to broadcast. Imagination is the standard on which a human's creation, development, achievement, and advancement lay. It's the stimulus that provokes a human into the impossible and thus transferring those ideas from a castle in the air into a house on the land. The ability one has if observing the world from his mind's eye instead of the common facts and information is outstanding!

One of the few people who imprinted our world with his fuzzy hair and brainy theories, Albert Einstein, is the pillar of the framework of imagination. His ability to challenge the sensible drove him to go for a fourth dimension by creating the theory of Relativity. Was it not for his silhouette, he would have been stuck in the third dimension with this thought causing his insomnia. In the end, he knows what any other human knows, but the criterion was to use some of the known and go for the unknown. If you flip the pages of Einstein's life, you'll realize that he used to make plenty of mental experiments. The knowledge then was gained. This knowledge provided the foundation to a greater thing, the ability to use this knowledge and make a lucky guess. The guess was developed into a theory that uses knowledge's tools to be tested and confirmed.

Try once to observe the world from Newton's eyes; he wondered and imagined why the apple might fall while the rest of the world just accepted the fact that this apple, well, fell! He imagined that there is an almighty force that might be pulling this apple downward, and then he started testing this thought by the obtainable knowledge. The Wright Brothers shined in their own way too! Their wild thoughts drove them to dream about a steady flight. The man who created the microwave was doing radar research, testing a new vacuum tube and noticed that the candy bar in his pocket melted, so he put a few popcorn kernels near the tube and they popped. These popcorn popped in his head way before they popped in the tube. In 2003 a robot was invented that can be controlled by a monkey's head. It's certain that someone had to dream and believe it's possible to build it the way some lazy person dreams about it too.

The potentials that knowledge offers are huge, yet it only forms a passive robot that absorbs information. Imagination, however, is unlimited. It's the surprising magical combination of facts, fantasy, and mystery, unique for every human being. As for science; it is the mix of concept and conceptual thoughts that bind together to form a new product, astonishing enough, wild enough, yet unique and brilliant enough. Without the concept there would be no conceptualism, and a person will remain naĂŻve. Nevertheless, without the conceptualism, the concept will transform into the form of a routine and no mad scientists will fit in such a world. If Einstein kept on accepting the facts, how would he and his fuzzy hair benefit us????
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Dec 31, 2012   #2
I don't think this is in the right forum. could a mod please move it to the appropriate one?
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Dec 31, 2012   #3
8. You have too many examples without explaining them. Intro is too long. Focus on two examples and work on expanding them and explaining. For istance, you say this: Their wild ‎thoughts drove them to dream about a steady flight. How? Explain. You can't just claim something without support. What were their wild thoughts?

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