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Writting essay about why action speak louder than words

Vin_phan11 1 / -  
Mar 17, 2020   #1

Stop talking and take action.

"The action is more power than words". Why action speak louder than words? This question that many people usually ask themselves. It makes me remember to a quote from someone like "People may not tell you how do they feel about you, they usually show you act." But what are relationship between the question above and that quote? That's great question. I can answer that if you just speak but not work, you won't never success and you only can admire others' achievement. You can see around the world, the people who have been reach high achievement and success always more action than speak words, because they don't have time to talk everyone that they can do it but they don't know how it to do or the work is so easy and they don't need do it. They just show you how they do it and they try to prove their talent for everyone.

For example, there are two friends play together. One day, a person name is Annie talks to her friend name is Kalie that I want to tell you a secret but you need to keep it for me, then Kalie replies that I won't tell anyone about it and I promise. Another day, Annie feels so angry with her friend- Kalie and she decides to meet Kalie. After that, Annie asks why did you tell my secret with others?, Kalie said she forgot about their promise and sorry Annie. Annie feels like Kalie is liar and she doesn't want to play with her friend anymore. Otherwise, the relationship between Annie and Kalie was broken from that fault. From this story, we can learn a lesson: When you promised something with someone, you need to keep it and don't tell with others. The promise is broke, it is difficult to repair.

Another example, I admire a singer who is the most famous in my country- VietNam. I like him not because he is famous or handsome. I love him because the talent really him and the way of him overcomes difficulhes. His name is Son Tung MTP. Before Son Tung become famous and was known to many people, he had to trade many things, under pressure from the public and bad talk about him, he still ignored all those words, he didn't care what people talked about him, he also did not explain to anyone anything, Son Tung just silent and act to show people his true talent .Currently, Son Tung MTP have been achieved much succese and his songs are in the top of the music charts. Besides, those who hated him tumed to admire him and everyone has acknowledged his talent. From this story, we can recognize that words don't help others to change their view of you, but if you try with your own ability to prove it to others, everything will be different. So, act more than say.

In conclusion, the action speak is an invisible force that helps us succed and has tremendous value. Stop talking and take action.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,157 2307  
Mar 17, 2020   #2
None of your examples illustrate or explain the meaning of the quotation through action. The first example, was about trust issues and how it cannot be repaired when it is broken. The second example, is more attuned to the question, but still not totally related when you consider how you presented the discussion. Here is an example of how that particular quote is best exemplified.

There is a man who is in love with a woman. However, he cannot tell her his feelings because he gets tongue tied when he is in front of her. So, rather than telling her his feelings. he buys her flowers, gives her gifts, accompanies her home at the end of their work day, and just treats her in a special way. That is his way of telling her he loves her. She noticed his actions and asked him if these movements meant he loved her. He said yes. = Actions speak louder than words.

The above is an example of how "actions speak louder than words." so your examples and explanations are invalid when you consider the underlying meaning and examples that actually relate to the quotation.

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