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TOEFL- Should young people take several jobs before they take a long-term one?

student7 5 / 14  
Jan 16, 2011   #1
Do you think that young people should take several different kinds of job before they take a career in a long term?

Views differ greatly when it comes to the issue of whether that young people should take several different kinds of job before they take a career in a long term. Many people might hold that the young should express their loyalty and consistency in their job, so switching from job to job is not an ideal situation. However, to my way of thinking, having several various job experiences is preferable before the young decide their entire life career. There are some reasons to support my idea.

To begin with, taking different jobs can help the young to find out their real interest. Through diverse job experiences, young people are able to figure out what the substantial content of a job is and whether the job really match their habits. For example, a student who's major was finance just graduated from the college. In order to show the loyalty, he decides to dedicate his whole work life to the financial industry immediately. What if he finds out that the financial industry is not exactly his interest? What if he just encounters a depression? He might feel frustrated! Upset with the work, this worker may lower his work pace and lose ability to tackle with the problem. However, everything is too late, since he already makes up his mind to work there until he retires. Therefore, if he has chance to experience several jobs, he will be able to find out the true habit with which he can enjoy the work and then get promotion.

In addition, switching from job to job may give young people more chances to face different work problems and to meet lots of people coming from various background, so they will learn how to solve the problems and to stay with acquaintance. With more different job experiences, young people will enhance their abilities to cope with those unfamiliar problems and to improve the stress-resistant. Moreover, in this process, an intensive relationship network will be molded, and some of them, if any, can even offer those young people a special channel to find certain nice job opening. Thus, the young can increase their working capacities and social skills.

To sum up, taking several different kinds of job not only makes the young develop their real interest, but also helps them to equip themselves with strong resilience and broaden their vision. It is as plain as a pike staff that young people should try to work through various kinds of jobs for raising their ability to against stress and being well-prepared for their long-term career. Consequently, taking different jobs before deciding a long-term job is always a preferable choice to me.

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I gonna take TOEFL test next week>"<

plz give me a hand~~~

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lokesh 1 / 9  
Jan 17, 2011   #2
I think that the sentence----However, if he allows himself... just simply tries to elaborate on allowing oneself to experience various jobs roles before deciding which one suits him the best.

Intensive relationship network in this context could broadly mean increasing your social network with not only people who might just end up as your friends / drinking buddies /mere acquanitances who might probably refer you to better jobs but also people who might give you an insight / viewpoints on their job roles.... doesnt necessarily have to a network meant for only a career prospect.

What eactly did you want to express?
OP student7 5 / 14  
Jan 18, 2011   #3
I see~

I think that is exactly what I want to express~

Thank you ~ you are really nice~*^_^*
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jan 18, 2011   #4
hi, don't you feel buddy that an employer would love to hire a stable and more loyal worker who has shown consistency over a period of time????? after all, after spending so much amount of money on training an individual, a company would not like to lose that candidate....

-moreover, won't you call a person confused, who even after graduating in finance (as in your example) doesn't know what actually his field of interest is...

-I really liked your expressions, but I think supporting to other option would have been better. Consistency is the demand of the job market. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
OP student7 5 / 14  
Jan 20, 2011   #5
Well...actually...the reason why I choose the opposite side is because there is enough
vocabulary relating to this aspect in my brain...lol

In fact, if I were good at English, I would probably put myself on the same wavelength with yours~


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