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EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL. Help me check my short essay.

Corvo 1 / -  
Oct 9, 2019   #1

Book's test answer

This test require :
1. first paragraph need writer to explain which book you will choose .
2. second paragraph need writer explain why you choose this book

I prefer the first one : EVERY ONE IS BEAUTIFUL . In my opinion , this book may illustrate how to figure out the problem we encounter in people interaction . It improve the strength of mental and help us build beneficial bond with public . In brief , this book able to make you become a better person .

Since I grow up , there has many times I
have to face awkward situations , those embrrassed me , and sometime, make me fult outrage . mess and ashame . Disrespect , especially , pigue me up the most . However , sometimes my rage would drive me to lose my mind to hurt others ; therefore , my rude action might hurt others deeply as well as damage their self-esteem. Therefore , l would pick up the first book since I eager to find a way to deal with the tough condition form interpersonal relationship , and further , learning how to be myself and respect others in the meantime.
trinhyennhi 1 / 1  
Oct 10, 2019   #2
Hi, I've just fixed some mistake about grammar and vocabulary in your essay. First, there's one word that I can't understand what it means. I've check the dictionary but there isn't any words like that (pigue). And there also have many errors about punctuation in complex sentences. Second, I think your essay is too informal for a test.

people's interactions
It improves the strength of the mind and ... with the public.

... and sometimes, made me feel outraged, confused and ashamed; especially, pigue me up the most.
... hurt others. Therefore, my rude ...
Because of these reasons, l would pick up ...

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