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BEAUTIFUL MIND schizophrenia - essay!

dido 1 / 1  
Oct 4, 2007   #1
This is my outline. what i basically need to do in this essay is : describe the life of Nash main character of the movie his interaction with surrounding environment, family, friends etc.

its worth 30 % of the final mark so i really want to get maximum possible otherwise im screwed

Schizophrenia : A beautiful mind

Psychology outline


A) Society labels and views those who are different as abnormal, unnatural, and intolerable.
B) Schizophrenia starts with a prepsychotic phase of social and academic/occupational impairment. A few months or years later, a psychotic phase develops (with delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre/disorganized speech and behavior).

C) Treatment with antipsychotic medication is important for recovery from Schizophrenia. Sufferers also require long-term emotional and financial support from their families.
D) In this essay we will examine what schizophrenia is its symptoms, causes the effect it has on others and possible treatment.


A) psychiatric disorder with symptoms of emotional instability, detachment from reality, and withdrawal into the self
Eg) When Parcher tells Nash to decode magazines and newspapers, Nash becomes paranoid.
Eg) When giving a lecture at university Nash thinks he is being watched by a group of people.


A) Disruption in thought
Eg) Hallucinates: when thinking the Soviets left a secret envelope for him at an undisclosed location
Eg) Intellect: Affect his relationship with his wife, he begins to act like a child.

Possible Causes

A) Society
Eg) Nash admits to his friend Charles that he is better at numbers than with people
Eg) He is expected to take part in complex mathematical problems, because of his math background, a form of stereotype.

Affects on Others

A) Wife
Eg) Alicia becomes terrified of her husband and fears for her and her child's life


A) Insulin shock therapy sessions
Eg) Given to Nash at the hospital that his wife Alicia took him to

B) Antipsychotic medication
Eg) Nash agrees to take them but they have serious negative side effects, and he ultimately stops taking them.


A) The criteria used to diagnose schizophrenia varies
B) The treatment currently offered does more harm than good
Can a person fake this illness
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Oct 5, 2007   #2

While you have some good information about schizophrenia in your outline, it reads like you are writing two different essays. If the main point of the paper is to describe Nash, you should start your essay writing about him, and about what a profound effect schizophrenia had on his life. From there, you can go into what the disease is, how it affects people, give examples of this from the movie, talk about treatment options, what Nash tried and why he stopped and conclude by reiterating what a difficult disease it is and what Nash's outcome was. If you follow your outline as is, I'm concerned that your essay will suffer its own form of schizophrenia! Make sure the parts where you write about the disease flow from and back into the main focus, which is the character in the movie.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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