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What we would do after reading two books " Ismael," and " Brave New World"

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May 20, 2007   #1
This essay is from an assignment from my eng teacher i am in 9th grade. we were told to write a narative about wat we would do after reading two books " Ismael," and " Brave New World"

"Ding Dong!" the door opens.
"Hello misses how you are today?"
"I am good and you?"
"I am doing fine thank you. Excuse me miss have you ever thought about how we live to day and how could eventually lead to our downfall?" I asked

"Of course, I think about it everyday I look around and notice how our world is full of negativity. I watch the news and see al these horrible things"

While hearing this I feel a moment of relief I have found yet another follower.

"That's great!...well not all those bad things on the news." I responded. We both chuckled
"I think you should think about joining my organization to spread awareness about the troubles in our society and how to solve them, not perpetuate them like the government."

"Sounds great!" she responded
"Our organization is called BNW or "Brave New World"

I gave her the flier with a big smile on my face.

"Thank you and you have a good day" she told me
"No thanks you!" I responded enthusiastically

I checked the time it was nine, I was on schedule I had just dropped off my last pizza and I was off duty so I could now catch the F train from Kew Gardens to Brooklyn and get home in time to get my laundry done and to make more fliers. I hop on the train and get some sleep. I get to my sleazy apartment at about 9:50 when me landlord pops out yelling for my rent I throw her some of the money I earned this week. I worked at Domino's as a deliveryman, I was 25.

Every night before I sleep I think what am I doing? I look around my room and see the cracks in the ceiling and the water leaking. Always asking my self "Why didn't I take that scholar ship to NYU??!" then I think back to that time in 11th grade in Mr. Williams class after reading that book Brave New World. I vowed to stop our society from collapsing due to greed. Another part of my campaign was that I would show h world that animals were the same as us and had emotions too. I had to show the world that we are not perfect and that continuing thinking like thins could cause chaos

I knew that working this terrible job and living like this would totally pay off one day I started this campaign about 4 years ago and I already have about 300 strong followers and about 500 overall. I learned tricks to live my life and still run the campaign. I took up a lot of delivery jobs particularly in Manhattan so I could do my deliveries and also hand out my fliers while doing the deliveries. It was easy for me to get these jobs because I had my own bike and I was tall and pretty athletic We hold a lot of meetings and the audience has been growing lately I thinks it mainly because the media has been focusing on global warming and other environmental threats so my fliers caught peoples' attention.

The next day I wake up to the wonderful sound of my neighbors:

"You whore get up and do something with your life!"
"Get out of my face you asshole!"

I hear a few crashes and screams and then this subtle cry, this is basically my alarm every morning I get up pray to God, get dressed and leave for work. I stop at the library to make about 100 more copies. The boss yells at me when I get to Dominos.

"Aayy Mark why are you always late?"
"Sorry boss won't happen again! I got you don't worry about it!"

I leave for my first delivery and my day starts, at the end of the day I have recruited three new people, for my campaign. Our campaign has a meeting tonight I get home and change into my one set of dress pants and shirt. I enter the hall and se at least 300 people there. I start my speech and looked around at everyone same group few new people then I freeze, I see the mayor in the back of the hall I acknowledged his presence and continued my speech. After the meeting and discussion is finished I approach the mayor I was very anxious.

"Hey Mr. Mayor it is a great honor to finally meet you. What brings you here tonight?" I asked politely with a friendly touch

"I am very interested in your cause actually I have been trying to come to these meetings today was the only day that I was free. I think you have a great idea on your hands kid. I would love to help you"

"Thanks you very much Mr. Mayor I really appreciate it. What did you have in mind?"
"I have arranged for you to speak to congress next week, they really like your plan as well and thought it could help this nation to stay out of trouble in the future"

"I don't know at to say thank you so much Mr. Mayor."

I cannot stop think about the speech with congress this could change my whole entire life. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for, finally all my hard work played off. Now all I have to do is find a way to get the senate to love me so I can have power and make some ideas. I started to write my speech, for next year this world could

be solved of its greedy and wrongs in society.

"Good morning first off I would like to thank you for your time and your support for my brave new world.."
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
May 23, 2007   #2

I like the fact that your writing technique has its own voice. It is not your run-of-the-mill writing from a student your age. I think you will continue to improve as you go through school and can become an excellent writer. You have the creativity!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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