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PHD TOPIC IN HR, suggest some topics that are of great importance

neha_ashi 1 / -  
May 27, 2010   #1
hello everyone

i have done my MBA IN HR n have qualified NET + JRF...now i m planning to start my phd...

could you please suggest some good colleges in delhi and since i am jrf so i m exempted from entrance tests.

plz suggest some topics that are of great importance in current scenario for my thesis...

i have decided some topics like

workforce diversity

change mangement

stress management

manpower planning

employees motivation

please do suggest some more specific topic among them so that i can start to work upon

hoping for some favourable & quick responses


EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 28, 2010   #2

I think that you have some good ideas, and at this point you should make the study fascinating by combining two concepts. For example, look into workforce diversity as it relates to stress management. This will make your study unique.

You should not choose a topic OTHER than these you listed here. Instead, go deep into one of them or a combination of them.

I think you might enjoy reading Jim Collins' Good to Great while you contemplate all the options you have.

Also, it is just as important to look at various research designs. I think you should choose one, such as case study, grounded theory, survey, etc., and then find 5 articles that use the design you are learning about. If you are still struggling to learn about the various designs, choose one and become an expert at it. Read lots of examples, and decide how you can use it to contribute to the field of HR.

So, it is just as important to think about research designs as it is to think about the topic. While you read recent HR articles that use your chosen research design (i.e. survey), you will become an expert and simultaneously you will see what is being done in the field of HR.

Mustafa1991 8 / 373 4  
May 29, 2010   #3
Just research about some dynamic between the organization and the employee, regarding the mutually beneficial relationship and what drives its continuance.
researcher2012 - / 1  
Dec 10, 2012   #4
Suggest a topic covering HRM, ethics and sales

Hi All,

I intend to do Ph.D in three areas covering HRM, ethics and sales. The following topic came to my mind, i.e, Ethical challenges in recruitment and selection process and sales practices in major IT companies of south India.

Do u feel this topic will be good, in terms of scope, ease of data collection etc.
my88626 8 / 16 2  
Dec 11, 2012   #5
Ethical challenges in recruitment and selection process

I don't know what kind of ethical challenges will HR meet in interview..

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