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Research Aim and Questions for a Management accounting dissertation

Research Aim and Questions
This purpose of this dissertation is to explore the use of customer satisfaction measurement as a non-financial measure to indicate future financial performance in manufacturing companies in China. The research will first find out whether customer satisfaction measurement is undertaken at Chinese manufacturing firm. If customer satisfaction measure is used, the reasons to use it will be analysed. It will further figure out the approaches used by Chinese manufacturing firms to ensure customer satisfaction.

This paper will examine the following three sets of questions on the value reference of customer satisfaction measures:
- According to existing literature, to what extent is the customer satisfaction measure happened to be a good indicator of future financial performance of organisations?
- Is customer satisfaction measurement is done at Chinese manufacturing firms or not? If yes, why (reasons) and how (methods) it is being used at the companies? What are the effects of customer satisfaction as a non-financial measure on financial performance of the Chinese manufacturing firms?

- Is balanced score card used to measure customer satisfaction? If yes, to what extent is it effective? If not, will it be effective? What will be the effects of using balanced scorecard for measuring customer satisfaction as a performance indicator?

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