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Technical Requirements for MBA Assignments

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Nov 25, 2006   #1

All MBA assignments should meet the following technical requirements:

- Spacing: Double (typed)

- Single sided, A-4 paper

- Font: Times New Roman, or Arial

- Font size: 12 points

- Margins of at least 2,5 on both sides (for tutor comments)

- Table of Contents with page references

- The Executive Summary:

- Must be included in every assignment
- Length: Minimum - 1 page, maximum, 1˝ pages
- Give a brief summary of the industry
- Then, give a brief summary of the company/brand/specific context
- Mention findings and recommendations that pertain directly to the questions posed.

- Begin every answer with a heading, which is based on the question posed. (Avoid merely repeating the question).

- The text must be written in an essay format with full sentences and paragraphs. (Bullets and telegram-style ideas must be reserved for appendices).

- Make use of headings and subheadings that demonstrate the various aspects of the syllabus under discussion.

- Bibliography:

- Use the Harvard referencing system
- Use at least five textbook references
- Include current information (Internet sources or academic journals)

- Do not exceed the prescribed word limit. (This applies to the main body of the text).

- Appendices must not be longer than 50% of the body of the text.

In addition to these basic requirements, individual tutors may give specific technical requirements that are relevant to a given MBA assignment.


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