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Annotated bibliography; Need help to find sources

keepdancing24 1 / -  
Apr 22, 2013   #1
I have to write an annotated bib for my literature class and I have no clue how to start it. I wanted to do something on hubris or chivalry but I'm unsure of a thesis statement. I also cannot find any sources that support anything on those topics. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I hope this is the right forum i wasn't sure where to put this.

KarkatVantas - / 3 1  
Apr 22, 2013   #2
If you're having trouble with the MLA, look up "The Owl at Purdue, MLA", and also look at easybib(.)com. OaP can help you figure out how to cite sources, and easybib will actually create the citations for you. It doesn't matter if you don't have a thesis statement right now; that comes later, *after* you've done your research. For now, just look up a bunch of sources that talk about chivalry or hubris. I know chivalry was a big deal during medieval times, so maybe search up a book/website/etc. on medieval customs and look up chivalry as a subsection in it? Also, don't be afraid to go to a library and ask the librarian for help. They will be more than willing, and can probably find you relevant sources within minutes. As for the annotations, they're the easiest bit. They should be a few sentences long. In the first sentence or two, summarize what the source was about. In the next sentence or two, describe what you used from the source. In the last sentence or two, highlight how this source impacted your essay, and how your essay has become better because you used this source.

Hope this helps. :)
saichicka39 3 / 6  
Apr 22, 2013   #3
Like Karkat Vantas said, also use bibme.com

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