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Essay: "Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow"

Hey :) In my country is evening,so good evening! :)

Well my teacher at school gave me the task to write an essay (200-250 words) on this proverb.He didn't mention any special requirements.I can't write a single word.Guess,it's not my week. :(

Thank you so much for the answer. :)
Good evening! :)

There could be a flipside to this. Why would it be better to be an egg today? Don't people fry eggs? They also eat hens, but that wouldn't make it better to be an egg as each can be devoured. I've also heard the saying like this, "If the chicken knew what it was in for it would never leave the egg." Especially if it is being said when making eggs for breakfast...I think that is the line of some disenchanted kid in a movie, but I'm not sure...

Anyway, let's see:

How about it being a metaphor for assumption? In other words, it is better to rely on what you physically have presently (i.e. the egg) than to assume that you will have more/better in the future (the hen, which will lay more eggs). It could also be looked at as a metaphor for knowledge. Knowledge can be thought of as fragile in the present, especially if it is a new idea without a strong following, and if nurtured correctly it will one day (tomorrow) turn into a hen (a more mature, wiser, grown version of its former delicate self).

I hope this helps you get started. Best of luck!

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Help me correct this essay for the IELTS exam writing task 2

Some people think that large, impressive buildings are important for a city. Other believe that the money should be spent on improving schools and hospitals.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Give reasons and relevant examples.

While people are of the opinion that it is essential for a city to have giant and amazing apartments, others believe that it is better to invest the amount of money in building schools and hospitals. I totally agree with this statement.

On the one hand, there are various reasons why people think that impressive buildings are necessary for a city. The most important one is to use for developing the industry and tourism. For example, Pompidous Center, which is a well-known apartmen, attracted more than 6 million tourists when it was opened for the first time after constructing. The increasing in the number of visitors has helped this country develop tourism considerably because it makes the city look modern and unique, that is why Pompidous attracts lots if tourists every year. Moreover, these buildings can improve the quality of infrastructure and make life of people more convenient.

On the other hand, I believe that spending the amount of money on constructing and improving the quality of schools is much better than on amazing apartments. Creating a modern and convenient for students could make them study comfortably. Through upgrading the infrastructure of schools and hospitals, students can make more experiments and patients can be cured efficiently. As an illustration, people in Iraq spend more money on developing the education system and necessary equipments such as supplying more tools so that students can apply their knowledge into practicing. The children can learn new things every thanks to the innovation of facilities and the knowledge they have gained will make the country develop stably. In addition to schools, hospitals should also be focused because more and more people suffer from serious diseases. These people need health care services which can be invested by the government.

In conclusion, although it might be necessary for a city to own impressive buildings but I personally prefer spending that amount of money on improving community facilities, which will make the society more developed.
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Kim, for starters, don't use descriptions that cannot be found in the keywords of the original prompt. Nowhere in the prompt was there a reference to apartments. Therefore, by focusing on apartments in your essay, you automatically change the meaning of the original prompt, which in turn, earns you a low task accuracy score because it would seem to the examiner that you misunderstood the prompt and therefore, did not properly develop your discussion to suit the prompt expectation.

Next, in the examples, try not to use war torn countries as examples of efficient spending on hospitals and schools. Keep in mind that Iraq is war torn and as such, constantly spends on trying to redevelop their infrastructure, which includes the whole gamut of buildings, schools, and hospitals. That is the worst example you can give regarding responsible government spending.

On a positive note, it is great that you showed ownership of your opinion in each sentence as you discussed the two points of view. However, creating a more solid and dedicated personal opinion paragraph would have been the stronger way to present your opinion.
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