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Death is more universal than life; Explaining Relationships between two entities

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Apr 18, 2013   #1
Here is my rough draft for my explaining relationships essay. Also attached is the guidelines to the paper. I'd appreciate any feedback to help me with my final paper.

Marisol Leon

ENG - 105

April 14, 2013

Marybeth, Nipp

Rough Draft

"Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives." - Andrew Sachs. Death does not really affect people the way that life does, in that, they do not really worry about it. Yet, it is one of the basic truths of life. Everyone's time will come sooner or later, and at times we will never see it coming. My mother never took into consideration that her time could end in a moment's notice until one day it almost did. However, she did end up getting more out of the incident than I think even she imagined. My mother's near death experience provided her with the basic truth of the inevitable: We all die; however, before she realized this she endured times of depression, anger, and finally acceptance.

At first, my mother fell into a deep depression. It did not happen all at once like I thought it would. After she came home the hospital, my mother tried to get back into the swing of things, but she just could not. It was as if there were a huge boulder that she carried around with her at all times, and try as she might to let it go it only drug her down further. She soon began to question her own purpose in life. She would ask me at times, "What am I supposed to do now?" She had had a stroke that paralyzed the right side of her body and been put on disability, not by choice, but still wanted to work. She thought that it was all she knew how to do; without that she was like a shell without a snail to fill it. When these questions could not be answered she grew silent and began to spending more time by herself. My family and I tried to reach out and understand, but there was no way any of us could truly comprehend what she was going through. She would sit in a chair on one side of the house, and stare aimlessly at nothing. It was like living with a ghost. I would see glimpses of her during the day, but when I attempted to reach out to her she would vanish inside herself. She tried concealing her hurt and pain from the world, but could not escape from it. In the end, I chose to leave her alone and allow her heal on her own. I just hoped one day she would find happiness and learn to live again.

Then, my mother began to exhibit anger. At first, she enclosed all of her emotions inside her own heart and mind. Eventually, my mother began displaying it towards our family. When it came it was sudden and as tumultuous and devastating to watch as any natural disaster I had ever seen on television. Only this was real life. It was my mother, and I had no way of stopping it or helping her. I stood on the sidelines, and, as I was still religious at the time, began to pray for her to find joy in her life yet once more. As unexpected as all of this had been, I certainly did not foresee what transpired next. Her anger became directed at her own life. She began to speak about ending her own life, as if it was nothing; as if she was nothing. I soon grew angry; although I decided to let her find her own way I was only one at her beacon call, whenever she needed me. That is when I discovered my mother and I had both lost our faith.

Finally, my mother came to accept that fact that her time would come. A year had passed since my mother's stroke, and in a sorrowful turn of events, my last grandparent died. My grandfather on my father's side had passed and my parents went down to the funeral in Mexico, while I stayed and cared for our house and animals. When my parents came back, I was surprised to find that they had decided to move to Mexico. They wanted to build a house and ultimately live there for the remainder of their time on earth. A few weeks later they were gone. Soon after my mother started teaching English to the schoolchildren in the town they were staying at. Whenever we spoke on the phone, I noticed the tone in her voice had changed. It was as if I could hear her smiling. By beginning to do things that made her happy, my mother learned to live a happier life. About a month ago, my parents came to visit. I did not know what to expect because I had news to tell them. When I arrived my mother was all smiles, especially when I said she would be having a new grandson this summer. My mother has not been fond of my fiancĂŠ, but she did not complain or say a word about our relationship our entire visit. At the end of our visit she told me she was happy and healthy for now, but when the time came she wanted me to come see her when she died. It was then that I knew that even though it had been a rough road to where my mother is today, I know in my heart she has finally found peace and acceptance.

Countless people daily are worried about things that have little meaning in the grand scale of things. I do not believe that people live for today, because they do not consider that they might not be here tomorrow. Living for today can bring such happiness to a person's life if they are willing, and I can now say my mother is one of those few. If not for my mother's near death experience, she would not have learned through her depression, anger, and acceptance of this basic truth and of the happiness that can be found with it.


4. Write a 750 to 1,000 word essay in which you explain the relationship between two entities.
5. Address the following in your essay:
a. Explain a relationship between two entities. Offer a unique perspective on the relationship and the bond formed between the two entities. Explain the significance of the relationship.

This essay is separated into three parts. Each part will be graded separately.
ˇ Explaining Relationships Essay Part I: Thesis and Outline
ˇ Explaining Relationships Essay Part II: Rough Draft
ˇ Explaining Relationships Essay Part III: Final Draft
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Apr 21, 2013   #2
well defined and written

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