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Need help with creative hook sentence for college essay about divorced parents

I don't know how to start my narrative with an interesting enough beginning sentence. I want something to hook the reader in, please help!

Some ideas...not sure how I feel though...

2016 marks the ten year anniversary of my parents separation.
I've always tried to pry him out of my life, for obvious reasons.
Ten years ago, my mom kicked my dad out of our house, and in his case, out of our lives.
Growing up, I was the only friend with a single mom....or....Growing up, I was the only friend with divorced parents.

Anything helps! An original sentence or an edit to my ideas, thanks!

Nov 7, 2016   #2
Brittney, you can try something like this for an opening:
Ten years ago, my mother decided to change my life. Ten years ago, without consulting me, she threw my father out of our lives.
Ten years ago, I became that friend who was being raised by a single mom. Ten years ago...

You can always start your essay by trying to deliver some sort of poetic line that will lead into the actual discussion of your essay. It is a nice way to kick off such a serious discussion and really provides an overview without having to summarize everything you have to say at the start. I think that you can add some lines regarding how you viewed the divorce ten years ago as well. Maybe use that line to introduce the actual essay to the reader as well. You have a good idea for opening your essay. I think you can do a lot more with that idea as you develop the content.
I think your essay should be at the same time touching and it was be nice if it will be connected with the law. As, would still have described what devorse process is and what rights remain with the parents and child. Perhaps my decision is connected with the choice of profession. Notes I think it would be interestno ka you and the reader. After all, you would be writing not just about feelings, and be touched more in-depth knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. And in the writing of esse you might help this


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