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My hometown / speaking multiple languages -introductory paragraph help

Saikat 1 / -  
Feb 1, 2011   #1
Hello guys!
Could you plz help me on introductory paragraph.

1. My hometown

2.Speaking more than one language is a great advantage- this is a thesis statement of an introductory paragraph. you have to write the paragraph using the thesis statement at the end of the paragraph(last line).

Plz guys help me...i need it badly.

EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Feb 3, 2011   #2
You should make the thesis statement more interesting. It should be "arguable." That means some people would disagree with it. Isn't that a funny requirement? But it makes sense because if you say something no one would disagree with, it is not worth writing about.

So... do something like this:
Being bilingual is even more advantageous than being wealthy. ---This is something people might disagree with, and that is what makes it interesting.

So how should you write the intro paragraph? You should write some sentence that are interesting enough to make the reader start thinking about why bilingualism is advantageous. :-)

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