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Ideas about a topic of local/national/international issue of concern?

hzle 1 / -  
Feb 20, 2012   #1

undergraduate admission essay

Hello everyone,
I am new and ask for help.
I really have no idea about the topic of issue of local, national and international concerns me. I am an international student, and apply for undergraduate admission. How important about this essay?

jajadiba 5 / 15  
Feb 21, 2012   #2
i thnk 2 enhance ur knowledge, u should read some local newspapers...i believe it can help u....there r many issues nowadays...u cn write a lot of things in terms of politic, social & economy...eg: critical of social problems among youth, maybe u cn talk about da effects & steps to help the youths....its very general...u also can search through internet 2 get more points for ur essay...
Athena - / 83 3  
Feb 21, 2012   #3
Hi Hui,

I'd suggest that you try reading newspapers or watch documentaries on issues of local/national/international concern. Also, try to focus on a topic that you as a student is facing/ its relevance in today's world, etc.

Try researching quite a bit on the issue as you will need to be well-versed with the topic to write an essay on it. Mention why it is of importance to you clearly.

Hope this helps :)
bldblade 2 / 9  
Mar 13, 2012   #4
You could write about KONY 2012, it seems like a viral thing.

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