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The main aspects of your mobility proposal. Lotus+ Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Application Form

I am applying for Computer Science Master Degree Full program through Lotus+ action 2 by Erasmus Mundus. There is one section of the application that I don't understand. The instruction goes like this:

Please indicate the main aspects of your mobility proposal.
The mobility programme proposed must coherently describe the existing relation between the activities you develop and those you intend to develop at the host institution. Describe in detail the mobility programme you intend to develop at the host institution.

And applicants must write an essay of at most 2500 words for it. If anyone understands, please help explain it. Thanks in advance.

A mobility program is described as an opportunity for higher learning students to gain limited work permits in the country where they are studying through the Erasmus Program. The aim of the mobility program is to allow the student to work in the host country in a setting related to his field of study in order to provide outside of the classroom knowledge and experience. Your plans in relation to the type of work that you wish to engage in (in a limited capacity) as a student at the institution must relate to the field of study you are enrolled in and allow you to show a progression as a student and as a professional. The information you relay to the university in relation to the mobility program will be one of the major criteria that will be considered during the application review process.

What you have to do now is find a company in the country where your university is located that has open programs for such types of students. The university usually has partner companies that will consider you for limited work experience with them. You should contact the university about further details relating to your application and that portion of your essay. It is not an easy essay to complete because it it quite intricate and requires a tremendous amount of planning. Good luck with your application :-)
Thank you Vangiespen for your answer. That's very helpful. One more thing, do you happen to know how to write study proposal essay for Computer Science Master Degree? What should we include in the essay? Any example? Thank you in advance.
Kuoy, study proposal essays all have the same basis in that the scientific factors need to be represented in your research. When you write your proposal, make sure to point out / specifically mention the following:

1. The computer science problem that you have identified and wish to find a solution to;
2. present a theoretical background and your possible approach to the problem (problem resolution);
3. the time frame that you hope to resolve the problem in and what expenses you might have to answer for during the research.

The aforementioned criteria are the commonly known criteria for writing your essay. You should still remember to consult with your project adviser when the time comes for the specific requirements of your research proposal :-) It varies depending upon the topic or research method that you have chosen. I hope my advise helps :-) I am not too familiar with computer science proposal essays so I only gave you the advice that I know about the common scientific proposal papers :-) They all have the same foundation as far as I know.

Mobility proposal: MOBILE+2 Project

Hello everyone!
In the essay "Describe in detail the mobility programme you intend to develop at the host institution" I will write about developing my English language, as I am going to be a teacher of English after graduate university. What else could I add to this essay? (Max. 2500 characters). Thanks in advance.
Feb 13, 2017   #7
Fariza, think of this as your research proposal. What is it specifically about the English language that you wish to do research on? As a future English teacher, perhaps you will want to do research into English phonetics, the history and future of the English language in your home country, best elements to use in teaching English to ESL students using technology as the basis of learning, or something else along these lines. Writing about developing your English language skills is not the right approach. However, looking for more appealing methods to teach English to ESL millenials may just be an interesting topic for your mobility proposal. It will not focus on your skills alone, it will not concentrate on teaching in your country either. Instead, it will offer a look into the changing ways that English is taught in the 21st century to non-English speakers. I suggest that you change the slant of your proposal because, if you are planning to apply for a grant to help defray your research expenses, it should be more than just about how you will improve your English skills.

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