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Essay On - Without a Man.

Jan 17, 2008   #1
Without a Man

Imagine that you have one eye, hand leg or even one side of your face, how you would be disabled. Not only it is in similar way, but it is much worse would be to imagine the world without men. It is like the body without soul. In fact, not only did Allah create Adam and Eve to live together, but he created Eve from Adam's rib. This indicates that men are considered a basis in women's life. Making diversity in life, supporting women's life whether financial or emotional are three main axes that show and justify the importance of men for us as women. Also, they refute for anyone who looks at men as a useless creature.

First of all, humans like variation and change by her or his nature. This diversity includes clothes, food, and even people. Apparently, "Man from Mars and Women from Venus" the title of this book asserts that there is a big difference between men and women. But, this difference causes a kind of variety in life. How life would be if there is only women or men! ,it would be really boring. There is, basically, no pleasure if you live and deal with people who have the same main traits. That is exactly as you are sitting in a garden that has all the same type of flowers. It is dull definitely. For me, dealing with other women all time means dealing and talking to myself as I am in front of a mirror. So, men have their own idiosyncrasies that complement women's features.

Moreover, man plays main role in women's life at different ways whether as financial or emotional. Even though many women earn money, they still receive financial support from men. For example, my sister who is a teacher cannot stand by in life without support from her husband just for more luxury. Also, we cannot ignore man responsibilities as father such as helping at bright children and pays expenses.

Furthermore, the emotional support is the greatest impact that man can add it in our lives as women. This support takes many forms such as solving problems and being there in hard situations. Actually, women think by their nature things especially, problems from affective angle. Nonetheless, man is more rational. For instance, in cases of death or accidents, woman needs someone who thinks logically not emotionally. In another words, women whose emotions direct her, man is guided by his mind most of the time. in addition, women who appreciate men's status, still feel that sense of stability, safety, and satisfaction just only when men beside her. For example, being afraid, worried are the main emotions that I feel whenever my father travel.

If there is no need for men, women who got divorced or became relict would not suffer to get money to feed their children. If there is no need for men, we would not see beggars of children or women are increase daily. If there is no need for men, families who have only girls would not try many ways to get at least a one boy. In fact, all those kinds of people live hard life because they did not have a man they need. We have to acknowledge that men had and still have his importance. He is like water we cannot live without it although it is tasteless.

Indeed, Allah created Adam and Eve to live together in this life. So, if there was no significance for having both sexes, god would not have created them. The nature of creation gives both man and woman their role throughout several eras, cultures, and religions. Men and women are two sides of one coin. So, we cannot separate them or cancel one of them. A father, brother, husband, have inestimable status in our life. In the end, I leave you with this question for you, what would your life be without men?

Jan 18, 2008   #2
relict means widowed
If there were no need for men, women who got divorced or became relict would not suffer to get money to feed their children. - This does not really make sense; not sure what "relict" was supposed to be, but it's not a word.

how can correct it to make sense?

"Man from Mars and Women from Venus" the title of this book by John Gray asserts that there is a big difference between men and women. But, this difference causes a kind of variety in life

great thanks for you

You are absolutely right! I had not heard the word "relict" before; just proof that we can learn new things at any age! ;-) Well, knowing that, the sentence makes a lot more sense! You could always change "became relict" to "became widowed," too.

You still haven't got the title of the book by John Gray quite right. It's very important to quote others' works precisely, or your teacher may take points off.

Best of luck in your studies!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
Jan 19, 2008   #4
could you please help me?

this draft is three pages,but my instruvtor wants four pages.what are other pionts that can i add?

grat thanks for you

Unless you feel it is too far outside the parameters your instructor gave for the paper, you could expand on some of the things John Gray says in his book. He talks about the real differences between the sexes, but also, if I recall correctly, about how we need each other, too. If you don't have the book handy, you could instead expand on what you said about your father, and worrying about him. That sentence actually seemed rather thrown in out of the blue and would benefit from not just sitting there on its own. You could talk a little more about how family members need each other, using yours as an example.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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