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''Money create happiness'' people get satisfaction when they can do what they want

i want to write an essay '' money create happiness'' with these details below:
_people get satisfation when they can do what thay want
_ human beings have happiness from the satisfaction of two things: material life and moral life

'' money create happiness''

I strongly disagree. I suggest that "money does not necessarily create happiness." I know many instances where wealthy people are not happy with their lives. For example, take the classic story about the Christmas Carol. Sure, money can make achieving happiness easier, but it definitely does not create it.
I think if you're going to write an essay about how money can make your life happy, try talking about the positive; temporary happiness people achieve when they have money and the negative; sadness and loneliness that comes a long with having too much money sometime.
'' money create happiness''


"money does not necessarily create happiness."


Sometimes we seem to disagree, even though we are actually not in disagreement. If I won a thousand dollars right now, that would create a feeling of happiness, but ... I also agree with freezard!

Namtuocbonghong, I see that you have an interesting idea. You can write about these concepts:

Money can alleviate suffering when it is donated.
Money can save lives when it is used for health care.
Money can provide entertainment.
Money can enable us to buy nutritious food instead of junk food.

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