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Some people say that job satisfaction is more important than money when it comes to selecting career

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Feb 7, 2015   #1
An increasing number of people begin to discuss whether job satisfaction is more important than money, and many people air their opinion based on their own individual value system. The majority of people tend to claim that job satisfaction is the most significant aspect on deciding on a career. However, I strongly disagree with such an idea for the following reasons.

Perhaps the most important reason is that people spend the best of their life in a job. There is no reason to spend this in an unhappy way. There are a lot of advantages in having a job in your favorite field. Take me as an example, I am very interested in reading and collecting books. So I get a job in a big bookstore near my home. Every single day when I get up, I look forward to working. I very enjoy the atmosphere working around books. Moreover, I always wonder which book I am going to recommend to the customers, and want to share the pleasure with them. By doing so, I even make some new friends who are big fans of book as well.

Another point supporting my perspective is that everyone should do their job to the best of their ability and this is only possible if you are happy in your work. For example, a business man should run a company successfully as he has passion for his work. He will then do his best to achieve his goal of life. Loving what you do will motivate you to a more positive attitude.

In contrast, there is a popular opinion that money is the most fundamental demand. Without adequate salary, you can't live a happy life when you are under a finance stressful condition. However, this view fails to consider the truth that if you choose a career only for money concern, you are less likely to devote yourself to it and therefore get less chances to be prompted. People who choose a job they love best will even earn more money in the long run.

Of course there may be some people who may disagree with my opinion on this matter. They may say that money is a more important concern than job satisfaction when they are choosing their job. However, I think the reasons I have provided in favor of my points of view are stronger.

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Feb 7, 2015   #2
It would be meaningful if you provided a full prompt for us. Anyways, the reasons of why you consent that way should be in your introduction as well as your conclusion.

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