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Essay on "why some people enjoy cooking"

evonne109 1 / -  
May 19, 2012   #1
hey everyone this is my first essay i didnt learn before ~please correct me :)

Nowaday, many people rather eat out than cook at home because they spend a lot of time at work ,they dont want to spend more time to cook at home.On the other hand, some people choose to cook at home, they can eat healthier and make a good eating habit .In my opinion, i like cooking because it is healthier, economically and tastes better.

First of all, you can choose your ingredients make meals healthier, instead of eating pizza and burger, we can eat more balance of nutrient. In addition, we can spend fifty dollars for a week instead of spending ten dollars on each meals a day.As result, sometimes eat out is just want to satisfy our stomach not ourselves. In conclusion, cooking make some people eat more healthy ,and satisfy both our stomach and oursleves.
goku123 8 / 16  
May 19, 2012   #2
1. it is too short. it will be better if you develop your essay to 4 or 5 paragraph.

2.In essay, do not use abbreviation such as "don't / I'd want to/

keep going:)

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