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sacrifices to spirits/gods

soul997 2 / 5  
Nov 21, 2009   #1
Hi I'm writing a paper about the sacrifaces that tribes make to gods/spirits. I would like some help in what you think what type of questions I should be considering beside the obvious like why did they do this and what were they hoping to gain from it? What are some real good in depth questions i should consider thank you.

pcvrz34g 22 / 117  
Nov 21, 2009   #2
Hey Dan. Here's some that I could think of. Tribes' lifestyles, culture, and behaviors are usually governed by their religion. In another words, how did their specific religion affect their lifestyle, culture, behavior? How did restrictions of the Gods develop their society? And how were each tribes' different religion shape these tribes differently? How were women portrayed through religion? What concept do the gods/spirits revolve around? Some tribes may have gods related to weather while others are more towards emotions such as god of love, god of hope, etc.

Good luck!
OP soul997 2 / 5  
Nov 27, 2009   #3
Ok thank you more feedback would be great.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Nov 29, 2009   #4
The good thing to do is read a few articles about sacrificial ceremonies. Go to a database and use a word search with: sacrificial, god, ritual, tribes

...and I bet you'll find some great sources. If it is a good journal article, it will give you an overview. While reading, many good questions will come to mind.
Keng 39 / 134  
Dec 4, 2009   #5
Choose a ritual that you want to write. read that article until you understand every thing,then convert it into your essay.

Is it worth choosing a sacrifice ceremoney that you like so that it is easy for you to write the essay

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