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How to start - How has the introduction of mobile phones made communication easy?

flezy11 1 / 1  
Nov 10, 2011   #1
i have been given a term work which needs to be submitted next week and i do not know how to go about it and i will like you to help me
lilmizzlj 1 / 2  
Nov 10, 2011   #2
In order to realise how mobile phones made communication easy, you really have to go backwards and research what it was like when we didn't have mobile phones. Look at statistics how before phones all we had were letters, which would take days to be delivered, then when phones were brought out not many people had them. In emergencies some people had quite a distance to walk before they found a phone in order to call for help. Now with mobile phones it takes just a couple of seconds. Do you know anyone who doesn't own a mobile phone? they're part of our society now beacuse they are so easy and simple to use for our communication. You could also mention that mobile phones have perhaps made it too easy to communicate everyone texts and sends emails from there mobile phones opposed to having an actual conversation.

As far as structure goes if I were writing this, paragraph one would start with a little bit of history on comminication as I suggested above. The following paragraphs would then go almost through a journey on the evolution of communication, how technology has changed. Then conclude by saying how mobile phones have made communication easier today and how it has impacted society.

Hope there's something in there that helps and good luck!
OP flezy11 1 / 1  
Nov 10, 2011   #3
Please the lecturer said the introduction on ''how the invention of mobile phones has made communication easy'' should be more than a page,so can you stress more on the introduction for me,since is a 11 to 13 paper can you give me points so i may have something to write on the body? i have about 4 points on which to base my essay on but since it is a 12 page paper and i do not think it will be up to that 12 page,please can you help me by giving me more points?
karamsoft 3 / 8  
Nov 10, 2011   #4
I would talk about globalization and how the mobile helped in connecting people from different continents. Also, I would talk about smartphones, like iPhones and such, and how we can send emails in a second. Furthermore, talk about how cell phones can be a great resource for different aspects of the society. For example, talk about E-learning and how college students can access their notes and course materials in one click while in the bus. Talk about examples of societies in todays life that do not have cell phones and examine the advantages and the disadvantages of that. In addition, have at least one counter argument discussing in it how cell phones might be the reason for cancer(check Pubmed for great researched papers). But at the same time talk about other modern tools in the society that made it easy for cancer to evolve(like microwaves). However, do not try to include lots of points in your 12 page essay. Rather have 4 concrete points that will help the reader to be focused. Try to expand on the points rather than just stating them. You will probably find lots of info as you go along in the writing process and don't let the 12 page get you. In fact, the longer the essay the easier it is to write and develop the ideas, trust me on that.

Hope that helps.

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