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Student should be required to take classes outside of their major field of study

I want to write Essay on this topic: All college student should be required to take classes outside of their major field of study. Please how do i go from here, I need tips on how to go about it I will be very happy if you can help ...

Regardless of topic, the steps to essay writing are as follows:

I. Prewriting
- Use brainstorming, free writing, and/or mind mapping to generate ideas.

Identify purpose, message (thesis), and audience.

Plan and conduct any research necessary to obtain supporting evidence for thesis.

Organize ideas and supporting evidence into an outline

II. Writing
- Draft essay according to outline, using language appropriate to your purpose, message, and audience

III. Revision
- Revise draft
- Proofread draft
- Get feedback
- Revise again
- Proofread again
- ... repeat as necessary

So, since you have a topic, you have to think about what you might say for or against this idea. Use brainstorming, jotting down all of the arguments for or against the idea that college students should be required to take classes outside their field of study. After reflecting on those ideas, choose your position: For, against, or with mixed feelings (i.e. knowing that it is a good idea but still feeling resentful because of the extra time and money this will cost you as a student).

Next, decide which of the ideas that came up in brainstorming you will include in your essay. Will you need to do any research to support any claims that you want to make?

After that, you can decide in what order to make your arguments. Start with an introduction in which you state your position and list your arguments. Then devote a paragraph to explaining and supporting each argument. Conclude with a summary and strong restatement of your position.
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Thanks Simone a lot for telling us the clear process of essay-writing.

Obviously, not all of people have common idea on the topic ("All college students should be required to take classes outside of their major field of study").Some people agree the point that students should be required to take classes outside of their major field of study, while others don't. Each side has different reasons to support their idea and you just need to select one which you like. After you determine which side you will support, then you need extend the reasons of which you select.

Still,i think my idea need to be improved.

waiting for your feedback

Good luck :-)
Wow! That's a great general outline for writing essays that Simone has posted. Perhaps we could turn it into a thread of its own that we could point students to when they need help getting started.

Don't forget, also, that you can carry out research right at the very beginning, if you get really stuck for ideas. This tends to be more important if you are dealing with a complex or unfamiliar topic, but you can also do it when you are simply blanking out on a relatively easy one. Just track down as much material as possible on a topic and start reading about it. After awhile, your head will be bursting with ideas about your subject, as you begin to find some arguments reasonable and others ridiculous. In fact, if you begin to feel strongly about some of what you have read, you will feel almost compelled to start explaining why your views are right and the opposing ones are wrong. Then, writing the essay will become much easier.
My friend suggested a good site to help plan and organize an essay, it helped me a lot.


This will help with structure and planning but I'd definitely suggest posting on here after to get awesome feedback !
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