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Twesugye Jackson Kaguri in ''A School for My Village''

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Oct 26, 2012   #1
Hey guy! this is for my English paper. I am really bad with grammars, punctuation and and so on. Please help and make a comment on this

The Great Escap. Thank you very much.
In "A School for My Village" Twesigye Jackson Kaguri is a farmer's son who never gives up school and even travels oversea to study. He comes back home early to overcome tremendous odds to build a school for AIDs orphans. In chapter 7 The Great Escape Jackson passions for school when he was a boy and his desire to help and keep his promise to build a school for AIDS orphans children. Furthermore, Jackson refuses to listen to his father's negative comment about his dream to share education with their orphans.

Jackson has a plan about building a school for orphans with "free tuition, free uniform and free supplies." However, his father is not the only obstacle that Jackson faces in his dream for a school but also helping children. As a young boy, Jackson is stubborn kid. Evidence of his stubbornness that when was a little kid he follows his two sisters to school. Not only he cannot go there but he also just a little boy he might meets a danger along the way. In one particular morning, when he is scoot out from the back door before his mother has not sees him as he sneaks out through the back door with scattering chicken. He afraid his mother might hear him, if she is his plan will destroy. He carefully makes his way out and ran from that situation. But his sisters is far away and having their private conversation and laughing along the way.

He follows them from behind, because he might get catch and send home. To prevent from that happening, he pretends to be (emboli). As he rush to the rush to tree to tree to hide from his sisters. When he makes his way to the road he hears someone voice coming he hide till the road is clear. After he facing a tie with enter there is another challenge he as to face a "stream". At his age it is dangerous at young age to cross the river himself. He remembers his father's warning: "your sisters are big enough to balance on limb to cross the streams: you too small and will certainly be whisk all the way to the bottom. As he step onto the limb. The force of water and slippery of wood make him fall into the stream.

He calls for help but there is no one there around. He afraid he might slip farther to the stream. He finally escapes from that danger and his shirt all wet he continues make his way to the winding road he still cannot find a school. When he look back he knows he can get home but with dirty and wet he has his father will knows where been up too. Soon he is excitement when he closes to entrance f the school. He came close the school building and with clicking on the black board and bench he amazing he be in the classroom. With the exciting he has in that moment destroy by his from his back.

In the conclusion, Jackson Realizing that many families caring for the orphaned children couldn't afford the school fees for these kids, and recognizing the importance of education as a means out of the village poverty, he determined to build a school for the children that would be tuition-free. The book chronicles those efforts - the early struggles leading to success. Mixed in are accounts from his owns childhood.
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Nov 13, 2012   #2
first off, guessing it's the great escape hahah
- oversea = overseas
In chapter 7 The Great Escape Jackson passions for school when he was a boy and his desire to help and keep his promise to build a school for AIDS orphans children.

- very confusing. Are you trying to say that he's had a passion for school since he was a boy and as a boy he promised to help build a school for AIDS, Orphans, and Children? I'm confused.ha

- Evidence = his stubbornness is evident as kid, when he followed his two sisters around in school.
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Dec 3, 2012   #3
Thanks for take your time to read!

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