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How do I ask a moderator to read and edit my essay?

I've posted many essays online and many have gotten deleted (they were my mistake, I never noticed the warning at the top of the thread for the titles) but none have ever gotten edited by a moderator. How do I ask a moderator to edit an essay for me? My Brown deadline is tomorrow and I was hoping to somehow get a moderator to edit it.


I don't think he/she will read it cause you said, "get a moderator to do it."

Maybe if you asked, "How do I ask a moderator to read my essay," he/she might have..

just saying...

I havn't had anyone read mine either. Quite frustrating. -_-
Sourav90 and rikacollege91,
I think you misunderstood the title of this thread - and thought that moderators would read your posts. To get their comments, you will need to start a new thread.

In any case, I glanced over your essays and here is my feedback:
Sourav90 - your essay is very much "motherhood" i.e. you praise the school and write correctly. But I am not sure if this is compelling enough or distinguishes you as someone OSU cannot turn away (a have-to-admit.) Add more specifics about what convinced (you) that OSU with it's vast resources and research facilities in the field of finance and an excellent faculty

rika - the meat of your essay is in paragraph 3. You can skip the preface and get into the specifics of what you wanted to do in the uni's

Journalism and Sociology as degree programs.
Dear Madam/Sir
I am preparing for the IELTS Exam So I want to make my essay better.As I saw in this site there are some essays written by people and then modified by a teacher etc.

I am searching an appropriate edit form on this site to do this.
Could you help me regarding this.I will appriciate for that.

Hi Shirin,
Just post your essay with a specific descriptive title and one of the moderators of contributors will respond. BE sure to allow at least a few days!!!

I am not sure what you meant by edit form - did you mean edit forum? This Essay Forum is it!!
If you don't get an answer, post that message too!!
Good luck!
i posted my essay yesterday and I not sure it's in the right place to get a moderator to read and comment on it...not sure how to move it either, please help.
Sean was a moderator here, only about six months back - he was very tough at times, but good too. That might have given some people a pause, when they saw your post under that name.

It's a thought that crossed my mind !
Hi Sean, I believe I remember seeing an essay by you, but now when I click your username to see your posting activity I do not see any essays...

Do you have more than one EssayForum account?

Please just right click the web address of your essay and link me to it via this thread.
I look forward to helping! I'm sorry if you had technical difficulty or if we had a glitch that caused you a problem.


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