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Why are you applying to this particular graduate program at Penn Nursing at this time?

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Nov 5, 2018   #1
Topic: Why are you applying to this particular graduate program at Penn Nursing at this time? Please explain your motivation for submitting your application while reflecting on your career progress and goals.

nurse practitioner admissions essay

The first time I set foot on Penn's campus was 11 years ago, when I started touring colleges. Penn's vibrant campus with students and faculty from all over the world in addition to the provided ideal ambiance for focusing on academics attracted me to Penn more than anything. While I began my undergraduate career just across the street from Penn, I was able to take advantage of many of the assets it has to offer. The graduate nursing program is no different from what makes Penn the perfect fit for me. The resources provided to the students at Penn are unmatched to any other institutions I've visited and researched, from a fast-paced yet thorough curriculum to the availability of stuff for support, and options to stay active on campus. Eleven years later, I still feel that Penn truly readily matches the setting in which I hope to immerse myself as I take the next step towards becoming an advanced practice registered nurse.

My career aspirations of becoming a nurse practitioner in pediatric critical care has never been hindered by the amount of workload or the number of obstacles as a nursing student or a novice nurse. The first code experience had me in a blur of everything that happened at that moment, helpless of what I needed to do for my patient, and in another instance, the first patient under my care as a nurse died of transplant complications. I wanted to know the disease process of these patients, and what our options were for the best quality of life for my patients. I've looked into textbooks, research articles, and reference books to study what was presented in front of me to take care of. I've come to the realization that I needed to be able to understand what my patients' vital signs, lab values, and clinical presentations were telling me in order for me to take action in treating them or preventing from the worst. This amplified my motivation to pursue a graduate program. Once I was able to understand the logistical data of my patients, I was able to think critically about each case as an individual scenario using my background knowledge as the basis, cultivating me to become the nurse I am today. The past two years of working as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit has solidified my intentions of working in a critical care setting, taking care of children who depend on the individuals taking care of them in the hospital. I've heartedly felt that it was an extraordinary privilege to be invited into the lives of others, as well as an immense task to be worthy of their trust.

During my time at (XX) Hospital, the Braden Q Scale, State Behavioral Scale, and Withdrawal Assessment Tool developed by Dr. Curley at Penn and other associates have greatly impacted in how I care for my patients. Monitoring the increase or decrease of these assessment tools allowed me to pay more attention with skin assessments, assess for over or under sedation, and suggest treatment for higher withdrawal scores. I would be privileged to partake in Dr. Curley's research in studying for ways to improve our patient care experience and quality of life. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to learn that Penn has a dedicated nursing research lab for students to carry out their topic of interest. After receiving my MSN, I anticipate applying for a doctorate program; therefore, research is very important to me, as does patient care.

The past two years of working as a nurse has never been more challenging yet rewarding experience. The field of nursing yields endless opportunities to touch the lives of others and I am ready to embark on a new journey towards becoming an acute care nurse practitioner in critical care. At Penn, it is my hope to explore beyond my initial skills and interests to gain a deeper understanding of the realm of pediatric nursing. I'm certain I would finish out my program as a leader, a caregiver, a researcher, an advocate, and back to my roots - an avid food truck and cheesesteak eater.
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Nov 7, 2018   #2
Grace, the first paragraph that details your first visit to Penn doesn't really fit in with the prompt requirements. You can safely take that paragraph out without affecting the overall presentation of your essay. In fact, the essay becomes stronger and develops a more detailed motivation for your desire to study in the Penn graduate program. The reference to the professor as one of the influences whose publications influenced your continuing education was a nice touch. It settles the question of why you chose Penn and what your future career plans /goals are.

You have developed a very clear reference to all the prompt requirements. Don't worry about having to edit anything. Just take out the first paragraph and this essay will be ready for use. The reference to your first visit to Penn 11 years ago is irrelevant to the discussion because it refers to the commonly known information about the university, without a direct reference to the prompt requirement. Your interests have changed academically since then so it is better to leave that out of this presentation since the college department is definitely different from the graduate department in more ways than one.

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