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'Nursing in today's healthcare system' - Graduate Nursing Program

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I am applying to graduate school to pursue a MS Clinical Nurse Leader/Nurse Educator. The admission essay ask for responses to the following questions: 1) Discuss how your selected track fits with your career goals, 2) Provide an example of how your attributes and values will make you effective in your selected MSN track, 3) Discuss your future employment goals in your chosen MSN track, 4) Describe how you are going to manage your current obligations while taking courses for the MSN degree.

Below is my rough draft. I'm not concerned about grammar or typos. I'm more concerned if I addressed the above questions and organization and transitions are giving me trouble.

Any feedback is appreciated.

I have given careful consideration to my decision to pursue an advanced degree. During my ten year career as a Registered Nurse, I have worked alongside other nurses with a variety of educational backgrounds. I have witnessed the difference that an advanced degree makes in the quality of patient care and leadership ability (talk about how). For the last 5 years, I have been working in the area of psychiatric nursing. During this time I had the experience of working at a newly established psychiatric facility. At this facility I assisted in collecting data on sentinel events, patient readmission, electroconvulsive therapy treatments, patient satisfaction with care provided. I assisted in developing policies and procedures, care plans, and in researching standard operating procedures for ECT. We revised policy and procedures, researched standards of care, and JCAHO requirements. This all led to increased staff competency, patient satisfaction during treatment, decreased staff turnover, increased patient care, and cohesiveness of continuity of care. I have also witnessed the abilities of nurses with advanced degrees to improve staff competence, productivity, and efficiency. The clinical nurse leader education would better prepare me to take a leadership role in nursing providing quality leadership and patient care.

I believe I am a strong candidate for advanced study towards the MSN degree in CNL at the university of xxxxx. My work experience and education have instilled in me excellent collaboration, teaching, critical thinking skills, and accountability. I desire to educate staff to increase staff competency and promote teamwork. The end result I believe will be improved patient outcome, improved staff job satisfaction.

My future employment goal includes providing patient care and quality leadership as a Clinical Nurse Leader and nursing staff educator at the Veterans Health Administration. I myself have served in the armed forces and during my nursing career provided care for many armed forces veterans. It is my belief that by pursing a graduate degree, I will be able to contribute to the well-being of Veterans and in some way thank them for their service. I chose the VHA because they recognize and support the value of the CNL. Also, I have an interest in pursuing a PhD degree in nursing at a later time as I have a interest in researching PTSD in Veterans.

Nursing in today's healthcare system is challenging as a result of rapid technological advances and changes in healthcare policies. As a dedicated nursing professional with a passion for learning I want to stay on top of these changes and learn all I can to increase my knowledge. I believe the end result is increased competency leading to increased quality of patient care. In addition to learning I enjoy teaching. As a nurse I have the opportunity to share knowledge on a daily basis whether it be patient education or fellow staff members. I have had the pleasure of working at facilities where clinical nursing students do rotations. I have assisted these students by answering questions and educating them on nursing practices. I also thoroughly enjoyed a presentation that I conducted about ect. During these times, I have had the pleasure of working at facilities where clinical nursing students do torations. I assist students by answering questions and educating them on nursing practices. I also thoroughly enjoyed a presentation that I conducted about ECT. I believe as a nurse in a leadership role it is a responsibility to teach and share the knowledge they possess.

My current employer has varying hours available. For example, they offer the option of three 12 hour shifts. With this flexible work schedule I believe it would be convenient to attend graduate school. And since my child is grown I no longer have the responsibility of child rearing.

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