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Nursing graduate - Korean scholarship program personal statement

Kubra25 1 / 1  
Feb 10, 2019   #1

I will be proud to become a part of that scholarship

I graduated from the nursing faculty in June 2017. I have gained nursing skills in the various clinics at Ataturk University Hospital with my teachers for four years and In the last term through our faculty system named intern nurses term, I could have experiences working at the hospital as the nurse in pediatry and medical oncology clinics particularly seven weeks in each clinic I had experiences of four days night shift, two nights in each clinic and I could observe patients and I had so many clinical applications and that I could do it singly. While I am doing internship I could understand what is nursing because we were working without our teachers anymore and I could understand team spirit as well.

I worked as a clinical educator in the hospital for a term. I was observing the practices and training and evaluating care plans of the second-year nursing faculty students in the breast endocrine and emergency surgery clinics upon the invitation of our surgical instructor after graduation.Before being graduate student firstly I wanted to have more nursing skills and active observations in the working field so I joined to officer nurse choices and I appointed as an officer nurse so Now I am a nurse in the emergency service in Ulus County Hospital,Bartin,Turkey.I started to work since 11 september 2018.It is my first nursing experience as an officer nurse.Emergency service is really difficult but gave me many skills, responsibilities and experiences in the short time.

I decided to graduate in nursing since my second year in university. Because I thought what I could do to improve myself in the nursing field and I have understood how important academic studies for nursing through with my professors and my research. I have begun to read more articles and research more for my master's life. I could not decide which area I wanted to study with. However, after taking public health nursing course, I wanted to graduate student in this department. I noticed I really liked researches about the protecting a healthy environment, educating parents for mother and child care and all about the primary health care after the public health class and I have met more patients and gave them information about their illnesses and risky situations. I have gone to the home of the pregnant women and prepared and gave a brochure about what to do before and after the birth when I was a student. After my studies, getting good results from the patients motivated me to do this job. The public health and nursing lesson included exactly what I wanted to do to research, improve health and prevent illnesses. So it has become my dream to study in the field of public health and nursing or in the field of community nursing, which is the subdivision of public health nursing.

I am working 7 days in a month per 24 hours in a night shift so I have many rest days thesedays.I always tried to full my rest days with my hobbies so I read books,meeting with my friends,watches movies and videos about the medical fields, trips to cities, taking photos of nature, learning Korean English and Japanese.Specially I like making some toys named amigurumi for children.It is really fun and giving me happiness.I learnt being patient with that hobby. I have have been interested in South Korea for about six years so I got friends from Korea. I started to learn Korean by myself and progressed to the middle level. Also, I joined to university exam and I have accepted from the Korean language and Literature department in Turkey. But first I wanted have nursing experiences in the working field so I just stopped korean class for Korean Also, I started to ecxplored the different aspects of Korea. The high level of prosperity, the advancement of technology and the disciplined education system have attracted me to study in Korea. I saw that the possibilities of nursing education in Korea are very wide and that the educators are active academicians who have developed themselves. I also read articles on Korean community health nursing written by Korean professors and I have searched what nurses in Korea are doing to protect health, improve health and prevent diseases. I have seen South Korea was developed in this field. The fact that the primary health care services have been developed has motivated me to study in South Korea.I know it might be difficult study in medical studies in abroad but I can see that strlength in myself. While I was searching for nursing education in Korea, I had the opportunity to learn KGSP systems. KGSP is a comprehensive and systematic scholarship system supporting the education of foreign students and having many scholars. It is really proud that the Korean government has chosen. I will be proud to become a part of that scholarship which supports students not only financial also with spiritual. I will be proud to represent my country in the field of nursing under Korean nursing education.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Feb 11, 2019   #2
Kubra, something tells me that you failed to secure a copy of the GKS / KGSP essay requirements. Specifically, you did not get the checklist / writing instructions for the Personal Statement as your work shows that you did not address the specific discussion points as instructed. The specific instructions for this essay are as follows:

1. Motivation with which you apply for this program
2. Your education and work experience related to the KGSP
3. Reasons for studying in Korea.
4. Any other aspects of your background and interests which may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.

What you presented was a general format personal statement rather than a GKS / KGSP focused personal statement. You must write a new essay that specifically addresses each aspect of the prompt within the A4-sized single page requirement. Write the essay, to be sure, in the order of the information requirements above. That way you do not miss any information for presentation. Try not to write more than 2 related paragraphs per prompt so as not to run out of page space for your response. You may use the information in this current essay as the basis of a more direct response to the indicated topics for discussion.

This essay suffers from wordiness. It is boring to read and does not truly inform the reader due to the extremely long per paragraph presentation. Try to stay focused, use topic sentences, and indicate the needed information as soon as possible. Do not over dramatize the presentation as you did in this current version. Don't waste the reviewer's time. You want him to finish reading your application not get bored and, as a result, force him or her to move on to the next applicant. Stick to the required discussion topics in an interesting manner or hire a professional writer to help you write a more accurate response to the prompt requirements.
OP Kubra25 1 / 1  
Feb 11, 2019   #3
Thanks for your advises.I knew GKS and I fixed after apload in here.You also wasted my time .you just could tell me one word "disgusting"..okay I will not apply to that scholarship..I gave up.

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