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Benefit to home country.....applying for scholarship

him827 2 / 3  
Nov 25, 2014   #1
applying for Msc in Wireless communication...plz help
An important selection criterion is therefore the potential contribution that you will make to development if you receive a Scholarship. You must provide a statement explaining how their proposed study relates to a development need. You are advised in your statement to describe how your plan of study or research relates to development in your sector and country. Please say how, on your return, you will apply your new skills and qualifications, and what outcomes you will

hope to achieve. This could usefully be related to a national development priority or objective. Please also suggest how the impact of the potential benefits of your work might be

measured. limit of 500 words.


India has emerged as a significant economic force in the world in the last ten years. But the economic development in India is however limited to urban areas. For the 700 million people who live in six lakh villages in India, who are watching this transition, there is growing cynicism that they are being left out. The reason behind this is the low penetration of mobile and communication services in the rural areas. Communication is still a challenge in many of the villages and remote places.

So there is a need to connect this rural population to the mainstream India. Genuine efforts are required to improve the standard of living of rural India. Indian rural population has challenges in terms of low literacy, poor health care, poor agriculture knowledge and many others.

Mobile and Wireless communication technologies can be used to tackle the problem of literacy, poor health etc. The government of India has recently launched various schemes like Digital India, Financial Inclusion, e-governance, e-health, e-agriculture and mobile banking. The successful implementation of these schemes depends upon the availability of affordable and efficient wireless communication technologies and the workforce with necessary skills in Wireless communication technology. By providing these services, the standard of living of rural people can be raised. All this is possible with the help of advanced mobile and wireless communication technologies.

The proposed study will certainly help me in gaining all the necessary skills required to excel in the field of wireless communication. After doing this study, I would be better able to implement my knowledge for the benefit of my country.

After returning to India, I will join some reputed research institute as a researcher cum teacher. I want to do cutting edge research in the field of wireless communication. I will motivate my colleagues and students. I will deliver my skills acquired to students. It's like a cascading effect, whatever knowledge and skills I will gain in United Kingdom, it will replicate here in India.

All this can be achieved only if I would get a chance to study in some reputed University of XX.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Nov 25, 2014   #2
You did not fully understand the requirements of the prompt. What you are being asked to state is a particular project that you will be undertaking in order to help India improve as a country and on the world stage. Instead, you offered a summary of the current government projects in India and how you plan on joining the service sector as an employee after you graduate. This is a forward thinking essay. That means you need to envision the kind of project that you would want to undertake in the future for the benefit of your country, upon your return through the full utilization of your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Think of this as a case study with an expected outcome.

Basically, you need to think of the kind of project you think will help your country, how you plan to implement it, and what your expected outcome is. That is what the scholarship essay expects and requires you to discuss. You cannot use any of the information in your existing essay because it does not align with the expectations of the prompt. You will have to start over and write a totally new essay.

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