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Better English teaching. What makes me eligible for the Fulbright Scholarship? Study objective essay

Hama1996 1 / -  
Mar 7, 2019   #1
Hello everyone,

I am Mohamed From Iraq. I intend to apply for a master's program through Fulbright scholarship. Does any one can help me with reviewing my Study Objectives, please? I am appreciate if anyone can help ? Thanks a lot...

Study Objective

The term of TESOL refers to teach the English Language to the Speaker of Other languages, which makes educators being qualified by providing the international certificate degree. It has a reputation influence to the educational system. In particular, to those who want to dedicate their lives through teaching the English language within and outside of the country. To me, TESOL is the most essential field, which I strongly focus to fulfill my future aims through it, as to be a professional TESOL certified.

"We're merely a few steps back to obtain the main target". A quote I continually tell myself, which allows me to focus on my goals and aspirations. Applying for the Fulbright Scholarship will allow me the tools and resources I need to obtain my main goal. That is to teach English to the highest and fullest degree. The Fulbright Scholarship is not only a well-known program but also has a sense of discipline in regard to teaching in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to the Speaker of Other Languages).

What makes me eligible for the Fulbright Scholarship, other than meeting all the requirements, is my desire and educational background. I have obtained a Bachelor's degree in English, allowing me to teach in public and private institutes throughout Iraq. By doing so, I have been able to apply new teaching methods and ideas, engage with my students to find what works best for them in terms of learning. Applying what I know and what I learn from my students, I am able to implement new methods and provide knowledge to my colleagues as well. The Fulbright Scholarship will allow me to take what I am continually learning and expand. It will allow me to combine the methods I have learned throughout my career and the methods the program can provide. By doing so, I cannot only share my findings within Iraq but with other nations throughout the world.

During my time obtaining my Master's degree, I plan to strongly emphasize the teaching methods that have been provided to me to move my nation forward in terms of the education system. Surely there are gaps remaining in the process of teaching and will continue to be as such until we move forward and fill those gaps. I plan to solve the problems that I come face to face with by improving the quality of teaching. I will focus on the knowledge I have acquired and put that knowledge into action. By filling in the gaps during my time in the program, I can take that knowledge and apply it to the teaching system upon my return to Iraq.

Upon my return to Iraq, I will have obtained a strong background, experience, and higher potential in the field of TESOL. I will also be equipped with an understanding of cross-cultural differences. There are many cross-cultural differences the spike my curiosity, but there are two main differences I would like to focus on. The first one being how teachers manage their classrooms in the U.S.A., the second being how the students learn in the classrooms. This will allow me to expand my teaching methods, and apply what I have learned not only in the classroom but also in the community. With the ability to inform and answer questions such, as "How is the life in the U.S.A What makes the culture of the U.S.A different than others? Why the quality of teaching in the U.S.A is at a higher level?" By combining all of these aspects of living and teaching, I start to examine and apply my findings in the education system in Iraq. First, by examining and changing the old pedagogical way of teaching that is used in the country. Second, to promote education. By promoting the educational system and sharing my knowledge with teachers throughout the country, it will help drive the classroom through the knowledge that I have obtained in the program. Most importantly, I intend to announce several training courses for improving teachers' ability in term of teaching English skills as to familiarize with English language methodology in a proper way. Meanwhile these teachers can also share with hundred and thousands other teachers at the same time.

Teaching English in Iraq comes with a lot of difficulties and obstacles due to the occupation and internal conflict. Communities in Iraq have been negatively affected by what they have been experiencing over the last two decades. While TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has become more common during the last century in developing countries, it has not had much impact in due to some of the challenges the committee face in the process of teaching English. These challenges are driven by two main factors: the first being teachers with not enough experience teaching English. Applying old teaching methods and not using appropriate course material that is relevant to the subject, students find it harder to engage and understand. This leads to a lack of confidence and motivation in both the teacher and the student. The second challenge is due to the environment of the country itself, the availability of resources, and the student-teacher ratio per classroom. With such a large number of students in each classroom, there are not enough books to go around. In addition, the teachers cannot allocate enough time for each student with such large classrooms.

Regarding the culture I believe that understanding of cross-culture will leave a positive impact on everyone's mind; it will also help me to efficiently organize my life as a student before and a teacher after the program. Upon my return, I can positively contribute to what a real student and teacher will be like. A couple of my previously asked questions will be answered indirectly after gaining an understanding of how American teachers and students teach and learn in the classroom. By obtaining this cross-cultural knowledge, it will increase the lasting cultural relationship between both American and Iraqi students in a way of respect and understanding.

In conclusion, by obtaining a Master's degree in the field of TESOL, it will enlighten me with a better revelation about teaching English properly in the classroom, I can create a live environment for my students in order to help them focus, become conscious, active, and motivated to learn English 3x faster. Conduction my research that deals with students' ability related to an understanding of English in term of language and culture will definitely hit the target, which makes huge progress in releasing both sides. In addition, the students will benefit in their university lives and in the future. In the end, a Fulbright scholarship will assist me in ensuring the future accomplishment and development of Iraqi students and teachers. With the skills and experience, I will obtain during the program; I will not only enrich my academic teaching skills but also assist in attaining and developing my skills further. This is only the beginning of perusing and achieving my goals and ambitions.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Mar 8, 2019   #2
Mohammed, what is your study objective title? Why are you writing a personal statement when what you should be writing is a grant purpose proposal? That is what the study objective for a masters Fulbright scholar is all about. This essay is not telling me about any pertinent information such as :

1. The research interest that you have (What you want to learn about and why)
2. How you plan to do the research
3. Who you hope to work with during your research
4. What the application of the research will have within your workplace or how it is meant to improve a sector of your country
5. How you plan to carry out the work and what potential it has for professional application in your case
6. How this project will help you better engage with your host community should your application be approved
7. Why you believe that this project can be accomplished within a specific time frame

Your presentation is too repetitive and does not deliver any of the required information for the grant purpose essay. Remember, you are to present a study/research proposal. Follow the require format for the presentation and make sure that you use my guide questions to write a more acceptable purpose proposal for your application. You should be able to present all of the responses to the guide questions within a one or two paragraph statement. It doesn't need to be intricately detailed, just responsive enough to show how serious you are about the studies you plan to undertake as a Fulbright scholar.

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