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Essay for Graduate Certificate IT Project Management in Seneca College Canada with bad acads

revanth 1 / 1  
Aug 4, 2022   #1

statement of purpose

Every day, throughout my work, I find out how important it is to have a Project Manager to manage the costs and increase the efficiency of businesses. This has been the driving force behind my decision to pursue a Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management from Seneca College.

During my undergraduate at KL University, although my focus has been on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, involvement in areas like circuit design, control systems, and elective courses like fundamentals of information technology, Dataware housing, and mining gave me valuable knowledge of computer science. I have been actively engaged in extra-curricular activities in order to achieve an all-around personality development. I have been good at chess right from my childhood, which helped me improve my analytical skills. I won the intramural chess tournament at my university and also represented my university in the south India inter-university chess competition. In my undergrad, I experienced hardships and failure for the first time in my life. I was young and naïve. This experience made me understand the importance of education, and evaluate my strengths, and weaknesses. This shaped me into the individual that I am today. I believe my grades don't reflect my intellectual ability and don't restrict me from achieving bigger accomplishments.

A few months after graduating, I joined the IT firm Konnectsu Technologies as an Associate Software Engineer where I worked on BMC Remedy. Later I joined CGI Information systems and since then, I've been working on ServiceNow. I'm currently working as a senior project Engineer at Skyylives Infotech, where. I'm responsible for customization, upgradation, and integration. Having worked with 3 different organizations in roles including support, enhancement, and development, I see myself naturally progressing from here into a project/delivery manager in the next 3-5 years. Since my domain is ITSM, I have a fair knowledge of ITIL standards and broadly understand the lifecycle of IT services. However, I lack the right communication and management skills to fulfill the responsibilities that come with those roles. I believe, that formal education in IT project management will not only provide me with the required skills but also act as a catalyst for progress in my career.

The curriculum seems to be tailored to my needs. The first semester would help me build the right vocabulary and interpersonal skills that a project manager would need. Also, it would give me insights into how information systems are built in different types of organizations with different types of requirements and the best practices followed. This would also widen my scope. The second semester would give me knowledge on how to budget a project at a low cost without compromising on quality. Implementing all that I learned in a capstone project would enhance my critical and analytical thinking.

I'm also excited about being in touch with like-minded professionals from around the world that share my enthusiasm and will collaborate with me on exciting projects. I believe, the multi-cultured, diverse campus will provide me with overall personal growth
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,209 4317  
Aug 4, 2022   #2
I find myself with a handicap when it comes to reviewing this essay because I am was not informed as to what type of masters statement this is supposed to be. Is it a personal statement? Motivational statement? Letter of intent? There are several types of masters application essays that this essay could be (in)correctly representing. The essay itself is good when considered using a general reference scale. However, it may not be fully appropriate for the purpose it is intended. That purpose is what I am not clear on. Had the writer at least indicated the type of essay, I would have something to go on for the review. Including the prompt if one was provided would have also been most helpful. Kindly provide the needed review instructions in the same post and make this post URGENT to allow me a chance to review it properly. Thank you.
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Aug 5, 2022   #3
This is a statement of purpose. It was not mandatory but I want to go on and submit this

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