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Essay: why Design, do you fit for the chosen stream?

ralph1494 1 / -  
Jun 8, 2020   #1

Why the graphics Design course?

I have always been a curious individual ever inspecting and wondering how things work and what's inside them. This led me to break into lots my toys and doing lots of experiments throughout my childhood.I have always loved experimenting and solving problems be it for the gliders which I had made using foam and sticks or the car which tried making with friends during schooldays, where we made a car all out of junk we could find at our homes without spending a penny, it was single seater car which would be powered by as washing machine motor run on computer UPS. But little did we know it was going to fail as it couldn't run even a meter with a person seated.Even though this was failure many such experiences helped to chose a stream for my bachelors, I went on to pursue mechanical engineering in college,but I always felt there is something missing.

It was after graduation when I enrolled in "Innovative Product design Methods" by Prof.X,of Institute reignited my thoughts to pursue design as career.I took up design exams that following year,to my surprise i got a pretty good rank being from a non-design background, but this failure led to my first step into my design journey I quit my job at that time and thought I have to do what I love, that's being creative problem solver . As a part of preparations for the exams i used to brain storm and come out with novel product concepts I wanted to be better at product designing, but figured out that without a degree in it I wouldn't be able to go any further in this career path.

Curious to find how i could build a career in design, I started looking into roles that would allow me use my interests to create products and then I came across UI/UX design, I enrolled into a course in this field to learn the more about it,i was successful in designing an app concept, I found out that design is not all about learning softwares,there is lot more to it.I did lot of self learning and also looked for freelance opportunities that would come my way in order to gain professional experience but then I was lucky to be hired in Schnieder technological services pvt.ltd as a visual design intern.The past 1.5Years has been a the most exciting time of my life,I knew i had to make the most of this wonderful opportunity,I took every opportunity that came my way to educate my self about the user-centric design practices.

Right from creating posters to enterprise level applications working with many interdisciplinary teams has taught me to become a better designer,empathize,and to ultilise my skills to the most ,I have created few of my own application concepts empathizing with the users and in topics that are dear to me like cooking.One such a memorable experience was at a design event where we came in the top 10 out of 90 entries,that was was the first time i got to see throught the users eyes by conducting user interview with the actual users,and could see the pain they go through on a daily basis.

So far I am proud of what i have achieved but is still believe that there is a lot more to learn and a whole journey ahead the graphics Design course(related course to my current field of work but not the same) at your institute will help me to work with many people from different fields which will further strengthen my future as a designer

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,513 2957  
Jun 9, 2020   #2
While you have shown your passion and motivation for the course in this essay, what you failed to do was present your background and training that would convince the reviewer that, even though you have already completed a different line of study, you have taken steps to prepare yourself to become a successful student in this field. Truth be told, the first half of your essay is not useful to the application. The part that you should be highlighting, to prove that you are prepared to enter this stream are the parts that go:

I enrolled into a course ... user-centric design practices.

Right from creating posters ...on a daily basis.

If you take these 2 parts and develop your explanation regarding your skills enhancements during this learning period, along with any other accomplishments you may have, then the essay would definitely prove that you are worthy of studying Design at the university. Think of what the accomplishments of the previous Design graduates from this university are, consider which aspects apply to you, present it in the essay. That will help align your application with the expectations of the university for its design students.

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