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Those three chosen courses to build up my present capacity in interior design

Alshaimaa 1 / -  
Oct 16, 2020   #1

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to...

Architecture, art and interior design are the result of a number of influences in the nature of people, So I determined that meeting new people from different cultures with many art backgrounds, will advance my career and help me with my passion of studding conservation of African art and the impact of African nature and heritage on interior architecture. So I choose, the UK In order to learn from the experience of that culture in preserving its artistic and human heritage.

I look forward to studying Interior, Architectural and Spatial Design (MA) at the university of Edinburgh as one of the world's top universities that have students from many countries to support my efforts to get inspiration from different cultures. It also offers the study of interior spatial solutions, by using the city of Edinburgh to focus for projects to define interiors in the context of the city. Which have been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. and personally it will be great to have the chance to learn at the city where J.K. Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter in, and took inspiration from the landscape for her characters and locations. Also I choose that course because I am keen to study under professor Ed Hollis who I learned a lot from his books such as 'The Memory Palace: a book of lost Interiors', and I will spare no effort to learn from his research about building stories and narrative structures connecting time, folk tale, and the built environment. Which will be very useful for my passion about interior architecture in Africa .

My second choice, is Interior Design MA at University for the Creative Arts, with its expert learning climate. This course in particular will hence my desire to become an expert in interior design by providing me with the skills. Through focusing on interaction design, VR, Also I can work with interesting heritage and sustainability questions, engaging with both contemporary technology and traditional craft, digital and 'real' space too.

As far as I am interested in 3D interior design, so Interior Design MA at the university of Huddersfield ties in perfectly with my current professional experience. Since they are offering to equip their students with practical application of 3D Design. This course will make me explore advance design techniques. I will also have routes to improve my knowledge of user interface design, enterprise, collaborative design, advanced 3D CAD application, Digital Visualization. I have a confidence that by learning this course I will be able to develop understanding in critically appraising the importance of social, technological and cultural dimensions of interior design. Besides reacting to evolving practical plan and social obligation.

Evidently, I am confident that any of the three universities are well equipped to help me advance my knowledge, assist me with building up my present capacity in interior design driven by my need to improve people's lives by providing me with the skills and motivation to be a leading African Interior designer.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Oct 17, 2020   #2
You speak of inspiration and reasons for choosing the courses at these universities. However, there is a failure on your part to justify your skills and learning foundation which will support your implied ability to complete any of these courses successfully. Remember, the prompt requires you to provide relevant undergraduate course learning and professional skills relevance in relation to your course choices. You only speak of how the courses can help you and what you are interested in learning. Which these information can help the essay, it is the professional and academic foundation that will most direct the analysis of the reviewer when it comes to your academic and professional qualifications for any of the provided courses.

You should revise the essay to include the academic and professional reference as I explained above. Additionally, you should mention if you have gotten an offer to attend any of the universities. Just to show the reviewer that you are serious about your application and that at least one university deems you qualified to attend your first course choice.

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