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Document about your academic and research background, career goals, academic interest and program

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Nov 30, 2023   #1
Growing up helping my parents fill the charts with students' scores, I stumbled upon the first data science lesson: Numbers captivate stories in themselves. Out of curiosity, I analyzed the backgrounds of those with lower scores and found a correlation between students' struggles and their coming from less privileged areas. The finding was trivial but fascinating for a child like me as the result was valuable to help those in need. Without knowing those scores were a form of 'data,' I nurtured a desire to explore more insight from numbers and transform societal hardships with findings from 'data.'

My career in data science was established right from the start of college in the States. My interest started with Mathematics as I probed into the convection-diffusion equation and graph theory. The publications on "An infinite semipositone problem with a reversed S-shaped

bifurcation curve" and "The Explorer-Director Game on Graphs" paved the path for multiple research projects in my journey. Additionally, while holding UNC Math Club's Vice President position, I utilized data power to explain and prove my points as I encountered various solutions and debates among our members. I continued to challenge myself with advanced machine learning and optimization courses. From those, I built a strong foundation for my data understanding and found the guidelines for model development. I implemented this knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic at which I employed a ranking system model to develop a vaccine distribution application in response to the global crisis. Inspired by the Peter Pan fairytale, I sought to create a tool that allocated healthcare resources and ensured equitable access, especially for minority populations, who often were the most vulnerable in such emergencies.

After graduating, I had the opportunity to work for multicultural companies and apply theoretical concepts to my professional experiences. Here, data were not just clean figures on a spreadsheet but a chaotic mess unveiling consumer behavior and expectations. Delving into extensive consumer data, utilizing analysis and visualization, I convinced stakeholders and transformed those numbers into actionable insights to improve customer experiences. Some of those works were customer churn predicting model and recommendation system for personalized experiences. Understanding the complexities of these raw data could tailor the tool to resonate with a broad spectrum of users. In my following role at K. my passion for data science and cultural heritage was fulfilled when I designed a sentiment analysis application for Vietnamese establishments. My goal was to provide a shortcut enabling businesses to understand their customers better. My work involved extracting the essence of users' feedback and ensuring that the application was contextually and emotionally sensitive, especially within the complexity of the Vietnamese language.

Advanced education in Machine Learning and Data Science program at X emerges as a pivotal next step in my journey. X program, renowned for its collaborative approach, is a perfect match for my skills in building models for customer preference analysis and experience enhancement. The opportunity to work under the guidance of Professor Y at the Z will allow me to dive deep into projects like the Karma system. This project resonates with my expertise, particularly in leveraging semantic data integration to enhance food recommendation systems by understanding customer preferences in greater depth. Collaborating with Dr. Y on initiatives like W could further refine intelligent systems for nuanced customer emotion analysis. The specialized coursework at X, especially in areas like Z, aligns seamlessly with my commitment to creating a positive societal impact. The unique blend of rigorous academic training and strong industry connections at X offers an unmatched platform for practical, real-world experiences. This combination not only prepares me to face contemporary challenges but also reinforces my commitment to social responsibility and diversity.

In this environment, where academic excellence meets industry relevance, I see an ideal setting for my growth as a socially conscious engineer and innovator. The X program is more than just a stepping stone; it is a critical juncture where my journey in data science takes a significant leap toward realizing my aspirations for transformative change. With the expanded expertise and insights I will gain, I aim to drive innovations that are not just technically proficient but also culturally sensitive. In this way, I aspire to harness the unifying power of data to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive world.

Home / Graduate / Document about your academic and research background, career goals, academic interest and program
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