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Environment Design; STATEMENT OF PURPOSE - Goal of Study & Study Plan / Future plan after Studies

rafaelapsouzza 1 / 2  
Jan 18, 2020   #1
Hello, Guys. Can you give me some advice about my SOP? I don't know if it's OK.
I'm sorry if my English isn't good enough, I'm trying to improve my language skills. I'll make the final correction soon.

Thank for your help!

I am applying by embassy for GKS Program, ​​so I need to choose 3 universities and 3 majors. They are all correlated in Sustainable/Environment Design.
Those were the guidelines: 1. Goal of study, subject of research and detailed study plan. 2. Future plan in Korea or another country after study in Korea.

Goal of Study & Study Plan

During my course, I learned about graphic, fashion and product design explored in four axes: Society, technology, science and aesthetics. The university adopted this course format which purpose to prepare their students for market in a global aspect. However, my undergraduate degree thesis was in Social and Eco Design products with support by knowledge environmental design, entrepreneurship, graphic and ergonomics, which was created a product aimed at helping to accomplish the physiological needs of people with Alzheimer's disease. Illness that affects millions of people worldwide I researched about countless biodegradable materials that could offer solutions for the project that was developed within the requirements specified by the two strands.

My goal is to explore, research and learn about Design strategies, studying new configurations about living spaces, materials and production processes focused on sustainability for Design Projects. In 1971, in the book Design for the real world, Papanek was already calling on designers to get out of their comfort zone and create solutions for a real world, in order to really serve society with urgent and comprehensive needs that were suffering at the time, with hunger, misery, social conflicts, civil wars, environmental crisis, etc.; criticizing the absence of human values and social and environmental responsibility once lost due to too much focus on aesthetic factors. The context experienced by Papanek is totally coherent today, as another author, Cardoso (2012) discusses in his book Design para um mundo complexo, where he emphasizes the importance of the designer in seeking a more holistic and comprehensive vision to generate more solutions consistent with the needs in times of crisis.

Before we created solutions, the nature had long ago given rise to "high technology" capable of incredible feats, such as: optimization of compact spaces, waterproofing, economic mobility, high resistance, temperature control, construction of habitats, structures and mechanisms that even reflect a sense of "social" order. And these are just some of the aspects that reveal a nature capable of teaching how to solve human needs and problems as well.I see design as a way of engaging in, challenging, understanding and changing worlds by making propositions in particular situations. Today and in the future the work of the designer is multifaceted and involves something that at times leads to smaller and gradual changes. The ability for critical reflection on the consequences for those affected both directly and indirectly in the short and long term is required. My goal also is continuing to training in this way of thinking during the Master's program. This direction provides me a great preparation to my professional careers as well as further studies at doctoral level.

Below is my previous planning for this program, with some subjects offered by universities that I chose to apply. They can contribute to my growth as a designer. I have them for reference only. Then I can adapt to professors' suggestions for better results during my course.

1st year: Korean Language Studies and reading books, gaining knowledge about the country and Design culture.
2nd /3rd years: Master's degree development.

Essential Subjects: Methodological Design Research procedures and Design methodology

Recommended readings:
1. The coding manual for qualitative researchers/Saldana, Johnny/SAGE/ 2nd Ed/2013
2. Design management: managing design strategy, process and implementation/Best, Kathryn/AVA Publishing/2006.
Biônica e ou Biodesign/ Milano/ Politecnico di Milano/ 2000.
3. CARDOSO, Rafael. Design para um mundo complexo/ CARDOSO, Rafael/São Paulo: Cosac Naify/2012.
PAPANEK, Victor. Structure in nature is a word. Design for a real world/ PAPANEK, Victor/ New York/1971.
4. Biomimicry resource handbook, a seed bank of knowledge and best practices/ Aumesiter, Dayna et al/ Missoula MT/USA: Biomimicry 3.8/ 2012.


Eco Social Enterprise; Management; Eco Logic and Bio mimicry; Experimental Design for Eco Science; Scientific Writing in Eco Science; Design Marketing Research; Special Topics on Human and Environment; Human Impact on Environment; Eco Creative.

Planned Housing for Special Group; Facility Management and Design; Housing and Family Attributes; Professional Management in Interior Design; Study on Urban Housing Environment; Housing in Ecosystem; Research Methodology in Environmental Design.

Interior Design Research; Environmental Planning Studio, Theory of Environmental Design, research methodology in Environment Design, Advanced Theory of planting materials.

Other important parts of my chronogram: Data Generation; Dissertation Writing; Posting Articles; Participation in events; Qualification exam; Defense Exam.

Since my background is a unique mix of design areas, I'm able to deal with several design variables connecting space, visual, product, interaction as single one experience. Finally, I hope that all my efforts, achievements and experience of my internship, projects and works, demonstrate that I am an excellent candidate for the Master's degree as in Eco Design at Universities A,B,C by GKS program. I warrant you will find me worthy and strong candidate of admission and financial support as well.

Future plan after Studies
My future plan is as a professor and researched to get many people to look at the fringes of society and find solutions to the many problems we have, as well as encourage entrepreneurship, especially designers and students. The achievements I have, made me a better person and could contribute to the next steps of my development. Eco Design and Environmental Design are the best choice for my future and wishes. After my studies in Korea, my plan is to start the process to be accepted for a doctorate degree. I also hope to contribute to the development of cultures and languages in Brazil and Korea, in order to strengthen our relations as a way of thanking for the 60 years of partnership between the two countries. At that time, I start to adapt my dreams with smarter and new vision of my future plans.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity and the time you have devoted to me. I think it was an important moment and essential, so that you could get to know me not just by academic historic and make sure I'm really ready to join this program.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Jan 19, 2020   #2
You have approached the essay incorrectly. The goal of your studies must be related to your motivation for studying in Korea. You must expand on your motivation in this area to include your study objectives and thesis statement. The study plan should enumerate how the university can help you achieve the expected outcome of your thesis proposal through research and immersion activities. You have to highlight the fact that only Korea offers you a specific study opportunity in relation to your thesis statement / career goals. Do that separately for each university. As for your plan after studies, take it step by step. Don't jump to professorship immediately. Use a career progression presentation that covers at least 5 years, which will logically lead to your PhD studies. Remember, this is a thesis presentation. Not a research paper for presentation to the reviewer. In this current condition, the essay is totally unusable.
OP rafaelapsouzza 1 / 2  
Jan 19, 2020   #3
@Holt Thank you so much for your help.
Should I talk about why Korea is also in the study plan? I thought it would just be in the Personal statement.
I had previously done a different SOP, can I show you?

I also posted my Personal Statement earlier but the publication is gone. i don't know what happened. Useless thread title.
Can I show you too?

btw, yesterday I read hundreds of your corrections, you're amazing! You already helped a lot of people here! I'm grateful.

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