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KGSP - Statement of Purpose (Goal of study & Study Plan + Future Plan - Media Reporter)

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Mar 6, 2020   #1

career in international journalism

My goal in studying a Master's course in Mass Communication and Media is to be a professional journalist by expanding my knowledge and acquiring essential skills that will build up to my academic background. I also target on mastering the Korean language to equip myself with one more communication tool, which will be an added advantage in my career in international journalism.

A subject of research that I would love to work on is "How media affects the socio-economic dimension of a country." I chose this subject because, after the revolution in Tunisia. I saw how freedom of expression and media turned the whole country upside down. This makes one wonder, What really is the role of media in a socially and economically balanced country? Does media have an effect if a country is developed or not? What media strategies are developed countries following? What should developing countries do, what strategies should be put in place or how available strategies can improve the socio-economic dimensions?

This research subject is relevant as it addresses the current state of mass media in both first and third world countries. Previously the media only consisted of TV, radio, and newspapers, different from today where technology, the internet, and social media have given great emphasis to international journalism which is characterized by the increase in global issues, international relations, the rise of engaged journalism, internet journalism and microblogging. The outcome of this research will better help understand how media affects the whole dimensions of a country and will provide a model that can be put into action to assist developing countries to achieve a balanced socio-cultural and economic media platforms.

I plan to use the mass communication theories and social theories learned during the first year of my master's course to conduct my research. The universities I have selected have well-structured courses that correspond to my research subject. Courses such as Social Theory, Public Relations as well as Mass Communication Method Study and Statistical Research will be useful tools in conducting my research. As a means to collect relevant data l plan to use surveys, an internship, questionnaires as well as interviewing professionals in the media field.

While studying for my master's degree I intend to be fully involved at my University. This includes participating in events, joining clubs and meeting different people from various backgrounds. I intend to do this in order to build a wide network of contacts so that they can help me broaden my perspective and outlook on the world. As a journalist, one should always be openminded and ready to face new challenges and new people every day.

I plan to finish my studies within the proposed three years. In the first year, I will be committed to studying the Korean language. So that I can adapt easily into the Korean environment in which I will conduct my study. After a year of extensive language learning, I will start my Master's courses while at the same time building upon my research project.

The universities I applied for, have the tools and opportunities for me to conduct my research. Which along with my background knowledge will have a great outcome that will be the birth of this research.

After finishing my Master's degree, I plan to find a job in South Korea in the field of media, as a reporter, an investigative journalist, a columnist, a radio presenter or broadcaster. I plan to put my effort and hard work as a gesture of gratitude for the country that helped me complete my research and broaden my horizon. I plan to demonstrate and use the knowledge I got in this program with a job in journalism and try to up my skills even more from working around the Korean media field. After I feel like I possess the enough skills to head back to my home country, I will do just that and start my own radio and magazine. In hopes of improving international journalism there. I'd also like to be the bridge between Korean and Tunisian media. I'd be the link that binds both cultures and fields together.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Mar 6, 2020   #2
Your essay lacks focus. I am wondering if you were required to write a college thesis before you graduated from your journalism course? If you did, then you know how to format a thesis proposal. The thesis proposal is the same type of representation the essay response for this part of your application needs. You have to focus on several aspects:

- Abstract
- Introduction
- Background
- Description of proposed research
- Institutional resources and personnel required
- Expected outcome

The future plan is not required in this essay. That is a totally separate essay presentation for the GKS application. Just focus on delivering an essay version of a thesis proposal or, follow an actual thesis proposal presentation.

Do not over inform, just stick to the basic requirements. That is all the reviewer requires for this particular section of your application. Don't write too much, you may just run out of space on the page. Keep is simple and present what is required. Forget the future plan, forget what other types of study you will do while a student at the university. You are getting mixed up. Some of the presented information here are required for the GKS undergraduate scholarship application. This only requires the Goal of study - Title of study - Study plan in order to be completed.

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