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Optimisation of the supply chain activities. Goal and study plan - KGSP, Phd studies

yuuki kym 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2017   #1
Hello friend , hope you are doing well

i'm asking to write a goal and study plan for a KGSP programm , can u please check it with me, i would really appreciate ur help


Goals of study
During my studies , i was always wondering how difficult can the supply chain management be .and how to sucess the optimisation of the supply chain activities. During my internships i descovred that this is not a simple matter.and i found that supplu chain management is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube for the first time.we could always get to a point where two faces of the cube were solved, but, in assembling the third,we disrupted the first two but it still amazing, that's why i want to pursuit my phd studies in this field so i can take up the challenge and solve decision-making problmes encountered in logistic chains

Study plan : Planning and scheduling in a multi-site multi-product supply chain, taking into account the green concept
In a competitive environment, companies opt for a multi-site structure. Such an organization aloows to save in terms of time (production and distribution) and in terms of cost. Yet a major difficulty of this structure is the coordination and steering between The different sites and also the optimization of the time and cost.

The effectiveness of the piloting is strongly dictated by an efficient planning of the Manufacturing and transport operations on the various sites of the company.

This efficiency is still missing due to the inconsistency between tactical and operational decisions which generates many problems resulting in customer dissatisfaction.
Beyond the need for collaborative management, companies are obliged to respect environmental constraints.
While Actually Environment problems are one of the most important challenges almost every countries which are facing. In this context enterprises have Recently started considering Green Supply Chain Management for the purpose of securing a competitive advantage over other enterprises because of the increase of international conventions related to the recent climate change, the strengthening of global regulations for environment protection.

The problem of multi-site planning and scheduling has been the subject of several studies. However, the proposed models remain unresponsive and do not address the problem as a whole. Moreover, very little work has considered the environmental aspects in planning.

This fact triggers me to do further researches In order to fill the absence of a reference model for this problem .
The objective of this research project is to provide a model of decision support that will enable multi-site companies to respond to the problem of inconsistency between tactical and operational decisions. That is to say, to establish distribution and production plans for each site, A plan to which corresponds a schedule achievable in the desired time while minimizing the logistical costs. And respecting the environmental constraints for a sustainable logistics.

[Lemoine, 2008] proposed a generic model for multi-site planning that seeks to minimize logistical costs. However, the use of flexibility levers (subcontracting, overtime ...) is not taken into account as well as the environmental aspect is neglected. In addition, no resolution approach is mentioned [Trojet et al., 2014], have proposed a planning approach that takes into account flexibility levers but it's dedicated to a case study and does not include transportation And environmental constraints. Wu and Chang (2004) present an optimal program of production planning taking into account environmental costs, but transport costs and rejections have not been taken into account. Therefore, in my future research, I would like to combine the idea of trojet and all [1] with lemoine [2] and wu et chang[3] To develop an integrated planning and scheduling model with the objective of minimizing the overall costs of storage and transport production, thereby minimizing environmental risks, subject to constraints related to transport storage production resources, And carbon emission rates, and propose an approach to solving the model.

To succeed in the research project I will adopt the following plan:
The 1st year of Phd will be devoted to bibliographic research to discover in detail the existing work on the subject in order to be able to define the subject with accuracy and to position the future works. In the 2nd half of the 1st year I will solve some problems. The 2nd year will be the year of solution, develop the model and propose methods of resolution and find an industrial framework to test them in terms of robustness and precision of the given solution and in terms of resolution time.

This work will be published to highlight the project and finally the 3rd year would be the year of finalization of the project, validation of the model and resolution approach and drafting of the report.

At the end of this project, the decision support tool developed will allow to draw up distribution plans which minimize the transport costs. To determine for each site the optimal quantities to produce each product to guarantee the customer The availability of the product at the right time and at a good price

Minimize carbon emissions throughout the chain for sustainable logistics
Allowing the decision-maker to re-establish production plans in the event of disruptions to the production system (hazards, cancellation of orders ...) leaves with a min of loss.
pey94 2 / 5 2  
Mar 11, 2017   #2
Just to help you with the first sentence, maybe you can change the sentence around like this "During my studies, I always wondered the difficultly level a the supply chain management and how to succeed the optimisation (<< I'm not sure what word you are trying to get at) of a supply chain activity." I think you need to write more specific things like why YOU as an individual want to pursue this study. Was there a part of your life that made you realize this is your passion? Why? What was it? How do you plan to do that? Your answer is pretty vague for the first question.

There are lots of grammatical, punctuation, and capitalization errors. Make sure to read over the sentences out loud and check to see if it makes sense. The basis of any essay is to make sure that there are no simple mistakes like grammar and spelling.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Mar 11, 2017   #3
Sunhi, your format is not proper for the presentation. In fact, you have a number of unnecessary paragraphs in the essay. Your most accurate start point of discussion for your goal of study / study plan (which are one and the same, not separate discussions) should begin at the sentence that indicates "The objective of this research project is to provide a model of decision support..." That totally covers your goal of study and study plan in one presentation. Then, you have to adjust your length of research. as a KGSP scholar, you will not have 3 years to complete the research. You only have 2 years of actual masters classes wherein you will be allowed to perform the actual research necessary to complete the work. Your first year will be dedicated solely to language training so you need to adjust your research schedule presentation accordingly.
OP yuuki kym 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2017   #4
dear holt thank you for your precious time and your help. can you just explain more .
how should i start the presentation, i cant start with the 'the objectif of ....... is to prodive a model' since i didn't explain the mean problem who led me choose this subject.do you have any suggestion plz

wich paragraphs are unnecessary..??

i'm applying for a phd so i have 3 years to complete my researches

thank youu again , i'm waiting for your help
zobidah 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2017   #5
i guess you should focus on your goals instead of your background
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Mar 11, 2017   #6
The problem is that you formatted your essay in a bullet points type of setting when the more beneficial presentation would have been the straightforward essay type with the goals of study and study plans developed in a chronological pattern throughout the essay. If you can successfully discuss these elements, then the study plan will be more highlighted.

Open the essay with a background of the supply chain management as it is implemented today in your home country. Explain the perceived benefits from the current method. Then slowly transition into the problems that face the industry. Specifically, the difficulties that you have in your own line of work when it comes to effecting a better supply chain method. The next paragraph should then be the statement of the problem.

After you state the problem, you can then move to an observation regarding the Korean model of the supply chain and its benefits. Compare the two methods and explain that you wish to be able to address the problems of supply chain management in your home country in a manner that will bring up to par with the Korean counterpart.

It is at this point that you can again present the supply chain models that you discussed in this version. Why don't you work on these suggestions first for the revised essay, complete it as a revised version then we can review the new version for the parts that can be removed. We cannot accurately decide upon what you remove at this moment because a major part of the essay still requires content changes.

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