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My fascination towards data analytics. SOP for Masters in Business Analytics in UIOWA

vasanthgvk3 1 / -  
Feb 16, 2018   #1
This is the first time I'm writing an SOP. Please review.

it's a tailor fit program for me

I would like to introduce myself as a data geek, a tireless problem-solver and someone who always seeks challenges. My fascination towards data analytics blossomed while I was enrolled in the Operations and Supply chain management course in my senior year at Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing, Chennai, one among the very few universities to be honored with 'Institute of National Importance'. During one of the classes, the professor used an enterprise software to forecast the demand of a product for 12 months in advance using historical data. He then commented on how people often speculate future business requirements instead of leveraging data to make better decisions. To demonstrate his point, he asked us to compare the predicted results with the actual data and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were almost identical. Solving real world problems using data rather than guesstimation is my passion and has motivated me to pursue a master's degree in analytics.

In my professional career over the past three years, I chose to work with startup's. Working in a startup allowed me to take additional responsibilities which helped me in acquiring better opportunities and more importantly had the privilege of sharing the work space with the true innovators. Currently, I am working as a XXXX, a big-data and analytics company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Primarily, I work on solving business problems and automating business processes that require a lot of manual interventions. I believe companies should progress by focusing on business and let machines do the monotonous work. Automation requires hand-shakes between different software's and understanding how each software works help us in developing an efficient solution. Thus, the cognition behind my portfolio of a wide variety of software's that includes SAS, Python, SQL, Amazon Web Services, Hadoop & Google Cloud Platform.

Since my major was Mechanical, I had very few courses in my under-graduation that actually help me in my current work. To master the work I do, I dedicate a good portion of my time in studying at least two certifications a year related to Data Science & Data Engineering. Thereby, I have earned 7 global certifications in the past 3 years. Most of our clients seek our help in solving supply chain and optimization problems, which I would generally take help from a Lead Data Scientist and implement a solution. Going by the courses offered in Masters in Business Analytics at UIOWA, I am sure to gain good knowledge in these fields and implement even better solutions by myself. This course would also help me in improving the story telling ability, a must for any Data Scientist.

I strongly believe that the MSBA at UIOWA is a tailor fit program for me, which would not only help me in acquiring new skills but also in enhancing the existing ones. Through the knowledge I have gained in my professional career, I can contribute to the program by helping fellow students in learning latest technologies used in analytics like SAS, AWS, GCP. If given an opportunity, I am certain that I would make a great fit to this program and eventually become a successful Data Scientist through my hard work and never-ending passion for data. Thank you for taking time in reading my SOP and considering me for admission into MSBA at UIOWA.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,423 4689  
Feb 17, 2018   #2
Vasanth, this sounds more like a casually developed personal statement rather than a statement of purpose. You need to use a more formal tone in writing and avoid using words such as "a lot" because that creates a too relaxed atmosphere in your essay. A statement of purpose needs to have some clear information in its presentation in order to be truly informative.

The first line of information that you should provide is your purpose for seeking the masters in business analytics. This could be related to your forward thinking idea about how you foresee data analytics being used to improve business functions in the future. The purpose could be your thoughts on how to better improve the collection of data through specific metrics in a given business metric. Or, maybe you just want to advance your career in the future and you need to have a masters degree in a related field in order to be considered for promotion.

Make sure the show the relationship between your college degree, your profession, and your MS studies. I don't see a clear connection between the three because of the lack of academic concentration and presentation in your essay. You are omitting key facts in your presentation that would help to create that connection. One method of doing that is by presenting your related college thesis or internship experience that will allow you to prove that you have the academic foundation to pursue higher learning in this field.

Your work experience is applicable and relevant but can use some additional facts. Explain how you got your start in big data at this business and at what point you decided to focus your profession on that field. Describe your professional satisfaction in this line of work. Indicate your short and long term goals in relation to the completion of your masters degree.

Your decision to attend this university needs more information. Aside from what you have to offer the university and your classmates, you should also look into what the university offers that can help you advance your skills and career. Then explain why you look forward to participating in those programs and how you hope to apply it in a real world professional setting.

The credentials that you present are impressive, just not appropriately presented in the essay. Adjust the content presentation and add the indicated information points in order to strengthen the presentation.

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