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Internship about famous places in the largest city of Vietnam

kaonashi 1 / -  
Apr 15, 2021   #1

Two famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City

During my internship in interpreting and translating, to get practical access to interpret my supervisor planned and gave me the assignment to film two famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City by two English videos in a two-week period. Two places that I am interested in and that is worth showing are

In about 2 weeks since I received the homework, I was very happy and excited that I was able to choose my favorite place. These are also attractive content, which I want to try, so it becomes a source of motivation for me to complete my work seriously and effectively. To get the right content and content as she requested. My team and I shared ideas about video edits, how to record voice, how to engage viewers at the beginning of the video. To get information about landmarks, from the beginning of the week, I have searched for information by any means such as the internet, books at the library about landmarks that I intend to introduce through detailed articles, Introduced in English and Vietnamese. Besides, to be able to confidently introduce like a professional, I have watched many clips introducing that place on YouTube such as how they lead, present their content, their style on YouTube channels. With a more realistic view, before the filming date, I spent a day directly visiting these two famous landmarks to find more missing information, brainstorming ideas for the complete video. After preparing all the content for 2 weeks, I set up a friend to go with the filming on Monday. The first place was ...... since it was a religious place full of reverence, I chose a white shirt and trousers to rotate properly and comfortably during the transfer. The video recording process was repeated many times because sometimes my speaking speed was a bit fast, the pronunciation was wrong, external factors. But I managed to fix everything in the end, so I filmed until I was satisfied and picked out the best angles and scenes for my video.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 16, 2021   #2
Due to your redacted information, the sentences you wrote no longer make any sense. The paragraphs you present do not help take the reader on an imaginative ride. The whole paper is not effective in delivering information in relation to your internship. There is a lack of discussion outlining and content development in the overall presentation. You cannot expect me to review this paper and give you valid advice for its improvement because of the confusing presentation, missing information, and overall lack of coherent ideas within the presentation. Unless you are willing to properly develop this essay and present all of the information here, without omitting any information, I will be unable to help you fix this essay.

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