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Da Nang and Da Lat, Vietnam: Compare and contrast two places you have visited

dinhquangthinh 2 / 2  
Nov 4, 2011   #1
Thank you so much for correcting my essay

Da Nang and Da Lat are the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. In these places, there are many attractive landscapes to visit. Despite of some differences, they share values that make them become the best city in Vietnam for leisure.

The first difference of them is their location. On one hand, Da lat is a romantic mountainous city with old hotels from French colonization and tall pines that shade the street. On the other hand, Da Nang is positioned to be a charming urban by the sea where the long seaside is sparkle under the sun. Women are also another difference. At Da Lat, they are soft and graceful in Ao dai, a traditional cloth of Vietnam. In contrast, Da Nang's female are strong and healthy in bikini. Foods are also distinguishable. While Da lat is famous for temperate marmalade such as strawberry, orange, Da nang is known as paradise of seafood.

Beside these differences, Da Lat and Da Nang are similar in some aspects. First, both of them are peaceful. Unlike Hochiminh City, the most active city of Vietnam, the speed of pace in these cities is slow. People roam along beautiful pavements to sightseeing instead of urging to work. Clean atmosphere is another similarity. These are good place to relax, to avoid dirty air of industrial cities. Furthermore, people in there are hospitable. That makes feel as they are in home.

In conclusion, these are cities I love. Undoubtedly, I convince that these are the most desirable cities in Vietnam. Those are where people could find peace and balance which are luxurious in modern life.

amanda guo 5 / 8  
Nov 4, 2011   #2
These are good places to relax people's stressful feeling, and avoid dirty air of industrial cities.
that is my idea, I'm not sure...
soshianet 16 / 47  
Nov 5, 2011   #3
Despite of some differences,
where the long seaside issparkles under the sun.
Da Nang's females are
Besides these differences,
These are good places

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