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LBS MBA Personal Statement; what would you contribute to your cohort? Using degree for the future.

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Jan 10, 2023   #1

London Business School motivation for MBA program

PROMPT: Write a Personal Statement sharing your motivation for undertaking this programme, what would you contribute to your cohort, and how would you use your degree to make a positive impact in your future.

During my over four years tenure at Zeraki, a small digital technology company in Uganda, I have learned many skills, and I am currently an Account Manager. I am mainly responsible for leading the projects, negotiating the contract and ensuring good customer's experience. In one of my previous projects, I had to pioneer the sales of our latest digital product, KotoX, a digital learning platform to support school in creating fun and exciting learning experience for students. One of the challenges I faced was how to convince the school managements to switch from using free platform, like Google Classroom, to paid service. Together with my team, I requested the cooperation of the local government to gather management of schools in the area and to inform the benefits of using our platform for the schools. Moreover, we provided training and free trials to further persuade the schools. As a result, many schools subscribed to KotoX and the same strategy was applied to other areas. Although I have the practical experience in sales, I believe that I need deeper understanding of marketing and sales management, which is why I want to pursue an MBA at London Business School.

The LBS programme offers comprehensive modules in marketing and management. For instance, module Marketing Analytics will help me learn how to utilize big data to understand the market and create the most suitable marketing strategy. Moreover, I would like to take the analytic specialism to help me implement analytical and data-driven approaches in my company to make strategies and policies that emphasize in compelling management of day to day operation. Lastly, the personal leadership journey would enable me to practice my skills as leader and provide me with personal career consultant to work on how to boost my career at Zeraki and beyond.

With my background in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business, I would like to join Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) Club of LBS. Working for over four years in this sector has given me deep knowledge about ICT ecosystem in Uganda. Through collaboration with local government structure, I have obtained the information about the laws and policies that one should pay attention in order to set up new business in ICT. Moreover, working in wide area of market, from big cities to rural areas, has given me a general idea of the type of market that one could specialize in and the appropriate strategy to succeed. My professional knowledge, combined with practical experience in ICT business, are what I aim to share with the cohort.

The diversity of the campus environment would enable me to network with students with different backgrounds from around the world. By joining TMT club, I would like to expand my knowledge in ICT business by learning about best-practices of ICT in leading global companies. Furthermore, I would also have the opportunity to discuss and share the challenges concerning the development of ICT in each other's country. By doing that, I would be able to gain insight on how to improve the condition of ICT in my country.

Over the next few years, there will be organisational transformation at Zeraki. Due to the slowing growth of B2C market, the company will shift its focus to B2B market. Zeraki will make B2B services, along with digital platforms and products, as the new pillar to maximize revenue's growth. The structure of the company will drastically change, with many resources being relocated according to the company's needs. Zeraki has started to prepare for the change by providing the employees with trainings and workshops related to B2B services. Furthermore, the company has also granted me a funding to pursue my MBA as part of the arrangements to address this expected transformation.

After completing my study, I would like to return and take over the role of Sales and Marketing Manager of B2B Services. Currently, Zeraki relies heavily on telco products for profit, while the development of the digital services have been slow. Using the knowledge and experience from the LBS MBA programme, I would like to create a better marketing strategy for our digital platforms and products. Moreover, I also aim to improve the business process of these products that will maximize the many resources that Zeraki has throughout the country. By doing that, I believe that the company will gain more profits in the future from digital services and set up new reliable revenue streams for the foreseeable future.
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Jan 10, 2023   #2
The essay primarily focuses on you as per your background, purpose, and motivating factors. Those definitely spell out what your intentions are for this study. Good job. It is clear and definite in the eyes of the reviewer. Something is missing from the presentation though. You kept on discussing whatyou can take from the program. Read through the prompt again. What happened to your plans to contribute to the program? How do you see your skills improving the learning experience for your batchmates? There is no reference to this at this point. simply mentioning your skills and work experience does not equate to a learning contribution to the program. That is the main shortcoming of this personal statement that should be addressed in the revised essay. change the focus from only you to the group improvement of the program somewhere in the essay.
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Jan 10, 2023   #3
Thank you so much. Let me work on your very useful feedback right now.

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