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Mahatma Gandhi - favourite statue of the person you wanted to make

gautam007 3 / 6  
Dec 20, 2014   #1
If you are asked to make statue or monument. Then which famous personality you wanted to present in the form of of statue. please rate this essay out of as according to toefl test. And give necessary correction needed in the essay.

When someone is portrayed in statue. His/her silent piece of metallic body should have the capability to urge people, whenever they pass by. The person could be remebered for his works. But for selection of the person as a statue or monuments require much more than that. Rather than just being a art work it should demeand for special attention from general public and something in return. Many people have displayed their excellence and expertise in their own fields. As there is wide variety options and all are excellent in their own fields. If you see a film actor, he would be phenomenal in field of acting. Maybe he would have too much fan following. Does that can do relevance in present situation? Maybe he has all the charismatic personality which can mesmerize many of us. Does that personality makes difference on the present situation? Maybe it can captivate the cinema world but not the general society where there are so many people dying of poverty. The land where many people are not able to gather one time meal. The more effective choice would be the statue of some great leader who has greater reach to common public.

If I get an opprtunity I would be interested to have a statue of a person who has a positive impact on our society. The person whose presence inspires all of us every day. A person who has much more inspirational imapact on the general public than his/ her excellency . If I get the opportunity to built the staue then I will certainly go for Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest leader ever lived in twentieth century. The relevance of selecting Gandhi is not just because of his excellency in his works. But the utility in today part of life. As he is widely known by his philosophy of Non Violence. In this he defined that, any battle no matter how big it is? it could be won by peaceful demonstration. He single handedly lead the way for independence of our country. He help our nation to fight independence . But the question arises that what is so important in today part of life ? Our country is free. Then why need to have this statue? The simple reason is the simplicity , the leadership quality which he demonstrated was phenomenol. Gandhi have a piece of cloth to cover his body. He once told that unless he will not be able to remove poverty and poor from India. He would remain like this. So his statue signify that situation presently also. Today also there are large number of poor people who are not able to have single meal a day. That statue will compel the general population that we need to do something for our country. We need to eradicate poverty from our society. His half naked body will urge for some unexpected change in our country. The change which is most awaited.

Although, there would be many argument that why it can't be a pop star or film actor or some big celebrity related to entertainment industry. The exigency of situation depends on the present scenario. And presently in India, where so many people are suffering from poverty, the best solution would be the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Dec 21, 2014   #2
Kumar, a statue is normally used to inspire people to action or consider certain aspects of the country's history or social struggles. You have chosen a highly inspiring figure in Mahatma Ghandi. However, instead of just describing why a statue featuring him will work, I would suggest that you present Ghandi in the sense of one of his more historical peaceful sit-ins. Try to think of which part of Indian history your country recollects the most about Ghandi and explain why portraying not just the iconic person, but the overall setting of the event, in the form of a statue will be most significant and inspiring for your people to see and understand. It should be Ghandi in a setting that allows the people to somehow make a connection between the past of India with the present struggles of India. That would make the discussion for this essay quite effective and visually stimulating as the reader can envision the essay in his mind as he reads your explanation. Overall though, I would give this essay a score of 8. Mostly because you spent too much time introducing the topic instead of discussing the point of the essay.
OP gautam007 3 / 6  
Dec 24, 2014   #3
out of 5 how much i can expect
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Dec 26, 2014   #4
Based upon the same criteria and opinion of the work that you provided for this essay, I would give you a 3 in your final score. I was hoping that you would have responded to my comment with a revised essay that I could have reviewed for you, hopefully changing your score in the process as well. Don't let my score get you down though. Remember, mine if unofficial and is only based upon the content of the essay that you wrote. When you take the test, there will be other factors considered which could bring up your final score.

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