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Master in Organizational leadership essay

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Jun 24, 2011   #1
This is a Leadership Essay (*) (minimum of 500 words addressing reasons for pursuing this degree program and outlining goals for progressing through the program).
The Master in Organizational Leadership program at CSM is a 36-credit hour graduate program committed to the growth and development of professionals in business. It is designed to advance the practice and development of effective leadership for the benefit of employees and employers in business and industry and society as a whole.

Applying for the Master in Organizational Leadership program is the right direction that I feel and know I will be successful in.

This program is not just to become the source of additional information that will make me a real professional, but also in my current field of health information management I feel I can contribute to.

I'm excited for the next chapter in my life and seeking and setting new goals for me to accomplish.

The next goal for me will enhance what I have already accomplished and that was my degree at College of Saint Mary's with a Bachelor's in Business Leadership from College of Saint Mary's this past spring 2011 semester.

Being the first in my family to accomplish this has set the bar high for my family and as well as for my children.

This has given me a grounded look at life and seeing the growth in which I am.

Gaining this insight has developed strategies for expanding my current role in health information management, moving into a more challenging role, or just having the option of changing my career entirely.

My personal career goals are closely connected with project management and human resource management, which are essential parts of the MOL program and the future of a successful business leader.

Gaining more information through researches will give me the possibility to activate my creativity to the sphere of a role model.

My present experience as a worker of The Nebraska Medical Center will definitely enhance my coursework on organization and leadership.

Owing to my experience I possess enough knowledge to make correct business decisions, project management and team building skills.

As the corporation is rather large, its structure, functioning, business relations have already become a part of my professional experience.

The reason of my desire to return to studying is the possibility to make a real difference and to change what I think is incorrect for better and not just for my company but for many other companies that work are in healthcare.

My participation in the graduate program has a very high value for me in terms of my professionalism and future career goals.

But to achieve this I need to posses the ability to get different knowledge and research, which I can gain, through studying in the MOL and enhance my writing coursework.

As creativity in any sphere requires a strong knowledge base in it, being a master will "open" the doors to new business career opportunities and bring me professionalism to the most possible level productivity.

Henry Ward Beecher said, "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone expects of you. Never excuse yourself."

I succeed because I aim high and work hard, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership from College of Saint Mary's will put me one step closer to achieving my goals.

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