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MSc Business Analytics - Why are you an ideal candidate and how will the program help achieve goals?

Mehul07 1 / 2  
Dec 8, 2021   #1

Graduate program application

As a Business Administration graduate with majors in the field of Accounting & Finance and International Business from one of the premier learning institutions in India, I have always been intrigued to know the business model of the organization I would be working for, how do they generate revenue, carry out research.

During my undergrad I realized I was more inclined towards classes related to organizations operation research, business statistics and business mathematics. That interest was confirmed after I got an internship at Directorate of Economics & Statistics as Finance intern, where I had to prepare Budget analysis report for the past 5 years. I worked on Data management where I used to accumulate and analyze data to conduct a statistical study. Got to explore different techniques for presenting a wide variety of data for the purpose of publication and dissemination of the statistical figures.

Risk analyst was my first full-time job after graduating from university. I was working with different clients every quarter, indulging in financial analysis, retail - store audit and building standard operating procedure for the client. One of the most enriching experiences was preparing utilization report for Coca-Cola India, as I was provided with raw data and had to look through vast rafts of pure data, analyze the potential leaks and present the statistical figures.

Post that I got an amazing opportunity, to work as a compliance analyst at xxx Limited. We perform over 150 compliance audits per month for each asset class (Consulting, Private Equity & Hedge Fund). After every 2 quarters I must prepare trend analysis with the data gained during the audits and identify the patterns if there is an improvement or still requires corrective measures. Analyzing enormous data and presenting data to the CFO in a graphical manner using the art of modelling is one of the best parts of the job. Another area is to Identify control gaps in processes, procedures and systems through in-depth research and assessment and suggested methods for improvement.

After working for 2 years in the corporate sector, and properly analyzing the potential job market I realized the core skill set I lack is technical knowledge, Programming skills such as Python and R. Thus, through master's in business analytics I want to acquire those skills and bring out my potential higher. Since I was a little kid, I have been always inclined towards technology, and had an inherit ability of exploring new software's or applications because of my passion towards the tech industry.

My long-term career goal is to get into management consulting and predictive analytics has become a new source of competitive advantage for many corporations. Working currently within the midst of a technological and computing revolution, I look forward to learning about big data analytics, programming and other courses which would give me an edge in the analytics market. I am thrilled by the prospect of devoting my long-term career in such a dynamic, fast advancing field.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Dec 8, 2021   #2
You appear to be a highly skilled candidate for your course of choice. However, these skills are over discussed to the point where you failed to discuss how the program will help you achieve your goals. Please remember that the response to the question is not an extended explanation of your resume. Rather, you are expected to show that you have analyzed and considered all the candidate requirements of the program, along with the course syllabus of the university you wish to attend. There is no reference to such a presentation in this over presented work biography.

It is this lack of familiarity with the program, in relation to your skills as a student and worker, that make this a failure as a purpose essay. You have to balance your abilities with your academic and future career goals. Do not merely explain how you acquired all of your skills through the years. That will not make you an ideal candidate. Although, it thoroughly explains your work background to the reviewer, who does not have too much use for this information without the program discussion.

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