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Physical Therapy students are held to a high degree of professionalism.

Sep 12, 2017   #1
What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?

Physical Therapy Application essay

"Go Flora* Go!" Glancing up I saw Flora, an 82 year old stoke victim, slowly cross the gymnasium floor. As a volunteer, I had seen Flora from the time that she had started physical therapy, not long ago, Flora could barley take two steps. I joined the audience as clapped her hands in the air. I will her face as she embraced her PT with tears of joy, "I thought I would never be able to walk again." Blinking back tears of my own, I swelled with compassion for her and her recovery; in that moment I knew I wanted to become a Physical Therapist. I wanted to become part of this gratifying process of helping others grow and become stronger, to do things they never thought they could again. I would have work harder than ever before; this is not a profession that can be done haphazardly. Physical Therapy programs move fast and hold their students to a high standard of professional duty. Students must contain certain core values that would lead them to succeed with professionalism; these values consist of accountability, communication and respect.

Accountability is something that every professional student must have. One must be accountable for their education, know when to ask for help, and acknowledge consequences for ones actions. I was not always an avid student; finding the motivation to study was something I struggled with for a long time. When I started volunteering and witnessing outcomes from therapy like Flora, I grasped how badly I wanted to be a part of this field. I realized that I was accountable for my own work; only I could make this goal a reality. I fervently worked on my grades, improved my study skills and became the student I never thought I could be. Being accountable and responsible for ones own actions and education is an undeniable asset to preforming well in a professional program. It shows strength and maturity and separates those who will be successful Physical Therapist students to those who will not.

Communication is another key pillar in embodying not only a professional student but also a licensed Physical Therapist. As a student, you constantly communicate with teachers, professors, and peers. To effectively communicate one must be caring, companionate and altruistic, without this, communication skills are lost. The Physical Therapists who have motivated me have shown all of these characteristics; they have listened to their patients, cared for them, and implored them to succeed. My time working in the service industry has taught me how challenging communication can be, yet has also taught me how to master it. I have learned how to effectively communicate in an empathetic manor with a variety of people, from working as a camp councilor, dietary aid in a Nursing home, and server and bartender in a restaurant. I have dealt with homesick kids, dementia patients and even drunk military men, and have held my composure, and demonstrated compassion.

Respect is the last pillar of professionalism in regards to being a Physical Therapy student. Not only respect for the teachers, education, for the profession it self; but also for the human body, its complexities, intricacies and devotion to understanding them. Physical fitness is something I am constantly working and educating myself on. I never mastered one sport because I was constantly trying new ones; from gymnastics at a young age I moved to swimming, softball, soccer, tennis, horseback riding and even weightlifting. I loved learning about the body parts and mechanics of how the muscles worked together. Respect for the dynamics of the human body and the endless possibilities that Physical Therapy can provide are essential. It is the ultimate underlying value that needs to be present for one to be a successful professional student in a physical therapy program.

Physical Therapy students are held to a high degree of professionalism. They must display attitudes and traits needed for the discipline. Students must be accountable, they communicate with empathy, and compassion, and must respect the profession, teachers, and the body. These skills not only represent what it takes to be a professional student, but also a Physical Therapist. I not only contain these qualities yet strive to master them even further. With much to learn I am excited to share my ardor for Physical Therapy with others. I look forward to the opportunity to help those like Flora better their physical wellbeing and overall happiness.

*Names changed*
Holt [Contributor] 1543  
Sep 12, 2017   #2
Robin, your last paragraph should take the place of your current first paragraph. The first paragraph at the moment is not directly related to the question you are being asked to respond to. It would be best to adjust the position of that paragraph to the second paragraph instead. You need to make sure that you offer the reviewer a direct response to the question prior to your relating some personal or professional experience. By letting him know that you are holding yourself to an extremely high standard, you will be able to convince him that your professional ethics will be admirable as a student then as a doctor. You will need to adjust the content of the current last paragraph when you make it the first paragraph though so that it removes the references to looking forward to attending school. The reference to the patient should also be withheld till the second paragraph starts. Other than those minor corrections, I would like to think that you have written a pretty solid essay that is sure to leave an impression upon the reviewer.
OP PTstudent221  
Sep 12, 2017   #3
Thank You so much for your help! With my intro I was trying to make it unique and pull the reader in because this essay should have personal statement aspects to it as well, I completely understand what you are saying tho. Is there any parts of my essay that you think I should delete or make shorter? I have a 4500 character limit that i have to abide by and i would need to add a conclusion if i make the changes you suggest.

Thank you again!

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