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"Pick and Place ROV system"; STATEMENT OF PURPOSE for MSc in VLSI Digital Design

harkirat777 1 / 3  
Jan 4, 2010   #1
This is the SOP written for UK universities. Please check out for the flaws.
Specifically the part hoe can i show switching over from instrumentation to VLSI. &
1st para last line does not make sense, any suggestions please..
Thanx in advnce..

I wish to pursue my graduate studies at your esteemed institution, as I believe that your Master's program will help me to realize my ultimate goal, which is to develop myself as a well-trained semiconductor design engineer and establish a career in the VLSI design industry. I am pursing a postgraduate diploma from <institute name> and have a bachelor of technology from <college name>.

My liking for science and technology evolved over time, especially towards the design and operation of various devices. Since childhood I was fond of unscrewing the appliances I come across to explore them- the reason my friends call me mechanic byname. This idiosyncrancy, what I guess I imitated from my father, who has been in the technical background throughout. I was constantly encouraged by my teachers and parents, this fascination for electrical and electronics culminated in my decision to study Instrumentation Engineering.

The four years of engineering exposed me to the entire gamut of Electronics and Instrumentation courses thus laying a strong foundation for my concepts. I was introduced to several subjects like Analytical Instrumentation, Transducers, Advanced Control System and Fuzzy Logic. These where coupled with the strong background in Digital Electronics, Linear Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Communication Systems and Digital Signal Processing which captivated me the most. My curiosity was directed to these subjects, which also contributed the major score of my bachelor's degree.

My predilection incited me to do projects like- "Pick and Place ROV system" where a pick and place arm was built using H-bridge as the main component for controlling the motion of the arm. Electromagnet was used to pick and place things through magnetization and de-magnetization. "Anti-falling and Auto-cleaning Autonomous robot", an autonomous robot was built using microcontroller and motor driver circuit which were used for controlling the motion of the robot. Sensors where attached to detect the obstacle in the path and preventing the robot from falling. These projects broadened my understanding of engineering principles.

I was very interested in learning further in these areas. The penchant for digital and analog electronic system harbored an inexplicable charisma to pursue postgraduate diploma in Embedded System and VLSI Design from <institute name>, the premier Indian government institute. This program is a judicious mix of theory and practice. The classes deepened my understanding of the digital logic design, synthesis, and implementation of digital system paradigms. The Interesting subjects like Verilog HDL, VHDL, CMOS, ASIC, FPGA and embedded system software programming compelled me to seek extended knowledge outside the realm of my syllabus. The lab sessions were instrumental in making me proficient with programming skills on various EDA tools like ModelSIM, Xilinx and PSpice. Currently, for my diploma course I am working on the project "VLSI Implementation of Multi-Coder Processor for WTLS", the proposed system build in HDL consists of three units and serves three different types of compression: speech (ADPCM), text (Huffman) and image (RLE).

As part of my bachelors program, i underwent six week technical training at Siemens India Ltd. - Power Generation & Automation Department on the Analysis of Distributed Control System (DCS), which included its fabrication in plants and other applications. Later I had undergone industrial training at Pricol Ltd. in which I did complete analysis of digital and mechanical speedometers instrument cluster. This proved to be a very valuable experience as it provided me with an industry exposure and a chance to showcase my technical knowledge in an industry based environment.

Right from schooldays besides academics, I have been participating in various co-curricular activities like elocutions and quizzes. I have represented college Cricket Team and Badminton Team in inter college tournaments. I have also been an active entrant in the College Technical Fests.

I believe that the broad overview gained during undergraduate studies can be consummated only by the in-depth study that a Graduate degree will entail. Graduate study will give me front-line exposure to the technological advances that will be made in this field and allow me to contribute to its immense development.

After much enquiring I have come to know that yours is one of the best universities in UK offering graduation in <program> with the exact resources in terms of technology and guidance that I have been looking for. I am confident that graduate study in your department, which is already at the cutting edge, would provide me an excellent opportunity to reach my goal. Diverse backgrounds of students, distinguished faculty and research facilities at the institute will also help me to expand my horizons.

I would earnestly implore you to consider my candidature, hoping that you would provide me an opportunity to be a part of your esteemed institution.
Jeannie 10 / 214  
Jan 4, 2010   #2
My decision to take up Instrumentation Engineering was a logical culmination to my fascination for Electrical and Electronics which started as mere curiosity but soon developed into an obsession.

I realize your intention is to use "culmination" to describe many parts coming together into an end result or whole, but you went off on a tangent before explaining the parts...and I am still confused about the whole.

"My fascination for electronics and all things electrical culminated in my decision to study Instrumentation Engineering." See? The end result of your fascination was to study IE. I still think the thought needs more expression and detail, though. It is just too puny to stand in your thesis. That doesn't mean you can't use it elsewhere by the way.

This spurred me towards a good performance at the Higher Secondary Certificate Exams on the basis of which I gained admission to the prestigious Bachelor's Technology program in <college name>.

This is yawn-provoking. How about leaving this entire second paragraph out for now and working on the thesis.

which coupled with my intrigue.

< did they have fun?

I am sorry for being snarky, Harkiart, but the first 2/3 of the paper is spent telling what you have done when the whole point of a SOP is to state your purpose in applying to the graduate program at a particular school. This opens up a plethora of opportunity to make grammatical errors for no real good reason, you see? Only in the short ending do you really begin to state your reasons for wanting to attend this program. >>

[quote=harkirat777]I believe that the broad overview gained during undergraduate studies can be consummated only by the in-depth study that a Graduate degree will entail. My field of interest being highly application <this is awkward..."Because [field of interest] is highly application and user-oriented, it offers tremendous potential for development."and user oriented offers tremendous scope for development. Graduate study wouldwill give me front-line exposure to the technological advances (that will be) made in this field and allow me to contribute to its immensefuture development.

I am aware universities in the UK offer great scope<what do you mean by "scope?" and encouragement for intellectual & academic development and the qualifications from UK have been recognized and respected throughout the world.

OK, don't go overboard with the praise, however deserving, of "UK schools." Focus on one school's contributions to your chosen field of study lest you sound like you are just desperately wanting to go to England for generic reasons. There is competition among individual schools in the UK just like everywhere else, I suspect, so make your essay more about why you want to study at a particular school and what your purpose of studying there will be.

Your qualifications are numerous and praiseworthy, but you should save it for a CV and make it more concise for this application.

Good luck! I look forward to reading the revision!
OP harkirat777 1 / 3  
Jan 5, 2010   #3

Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.
I will revise it again and post it again asap.
Jeannie 10 / 214  
Jan 5, 2010   #4
I was worried that I was too harsh and that I would scare you away when I really do want to help. I do sincerely look forward to your revision. :)
OP harkirat777 1 / 3  
Jan 5, 2010   #5
Yes you did scare me. but no probs. :)
Here is is the revised SOP. Please guide me thru the unrelevent and unwanted lines.
menon_ranjit 1 / 15  
Jan 5, 2010   #6
After much enquiring I have come to know that yours is one of the best universities in UK offering graduation in <program> and I am very interested in your graduate curriculum to enhance my professional skills.

you could talk about why a specific field of research that a professor at that university is involved with interests you; and how your academic and professional preparedness will help you contribute to the program there.
OP harkirat777 1 / 3  
Jan 6, 2010   #7
thank u Ranjit i'll add to it..

any other suggestions please.

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