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I was praying to god for making things correct; Ethical Dilemma-TAMU

jangirashok 3 / 8 4  
Dec 24, 2012   #1
Hello All,

As I've already told you how much helpful EssayForum has been to me. Here is one more piece of essay. I am posting this to help my self and to help others as well. Kindly put your suggestions or modifications to make it better and let me know if its good enough to submit.

Describe an ethical dilemma that you have personally encountered. What alternatives did you consider, and why? DO NOT tell us what you decided to do.

It was a usual day of September 2012, I was busy in my work. Things were going fluently and nobody was in any sort of trouble. Around 12 o'clock, my office phone rung, a call which was a sort of complaint, stating NIMS-server is not working. First I thought it could be a machine failure or server might have been overloaded and it might have caused a slow-down. I asked one of my mates to look into the issue and I started my work again.

After some time, he came and said I am not able to start the server. A short call was now turning into chaos and everyone was looking tensed as no one was able to find the reason for such sudden shut down of server. I looked into the issue, I was shocked as I found crash because of some file changes. Firstly, I asked my teammates regarding any new files deployed on server which could have caused the crash. Response was either no or "I don't know". I was struck with this, how come system can crash when no one tampered with it. I saw, one of my mate's face was looking dry and filled with tensed expressions. I asked her, did you deploy any file on main server? She said "I didn't do it intentionally". Her explanation shocked me, how come an associate can do such silly mistake.

However, now I was feeling like what should I do? If I will report this issue to project manager then it is going to harm my mate's career and if I won't report it then it is against the rules and even I could have been accused for not reporting such a big issue to project manager and this was surely going to hamper my image as well. After few minutes I found one more alternative. Although this issue was looking like out of my reach but if I could solve this issue on my own and don't let anyone know whether such issue ever occurred it can save all and no one will get hampered. However, in my heart I was praying please god make things correct and no one must be affected.

Thank you... in advance... :)

collegekid1567 - / 4  
Dec 25, 2012   #2
You should add question marks when necessary and change repetitive words like tense. Also, change some of your sentence structure. But good essay.
OP jangirashok 3 / 8 4  
Dec 25, 2012   #3
Could you please mark the particular sentences which you think should be restructured... Thanks buddy
dibya 4 / 11 2  
Dec 26, 2012   #4
The intent of the essay is good but looks too much descriptive.A restructured one will be better.

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